Censorship won’t make kids safe

Help stop a fast-moving bill from putting all internet users at risk.

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Lawmakers are trying to pass the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a dangerous censorship bill that would give the government unprecedented control over the internet and force platforms to spy on youth. 

KOSA uses two methods to “protect” kids, and both of them are awful. First, KOSA would pressure platforms to install filters that would wipe the net of anything deemed “inappropriate” for minors. This = instructing platforms to censor, plain and simple. Places that already use content filters have restricted important information about suicide prevention and LGBTQ+ support groups, and KOSA would spread this kind of censorship to every corner of the internet. It’s no surprise that anti-rights zealots are excited about KOSA: it would let them shut down websites that cover topics like race, gender, and sexuality.

Second, KOSA would ramp up the online surveillance of all internet users by requiring that platforms use age verification and parental monitoring tools. Not only are these tools needlessly invasive, they’re a massive safety risk for young people who could be trying to escape domestic violence and abuse. 

90+ rights groups agree KOSA won’t make kids more safe. Instead, it’ll put youth in danger by subjecting them to surveillance and preventing them from accessing resources they need. Lawmakers concerned about kids’ online safety should reject KOSA and instead work to protect all internet users from abusive data collection and monitoring through a strong Federal data privacy law. 

If you believe in a free and open internet, send a message to your lawmakers right now and tell them to reject KOSA.