Tell Democratic leaders to condemn the homophobic attacks on FCC nominee Gigi Sohn

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Remember when Ajit Pai took over the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and gutted net neutrality? We’ve been working for years to overturn that corrupt move, and we finally got our chance when the Biden administration nominated Gigi Sohn, a highly qualified public interest advocate who, unlike Pai, has never worked for the telecom industry.

But Sohn has been awaiting Senate confirmation since October 2021 (Ajit Pai was confirmed in a matter of months.) She’s been subjected to a massive telecom-funded smear campaign precisely because she’s pledged to support non-controversial public goods, like ensuring affordable Internet access, restoring net neutrality, and protecting online privacy. 

Now these attacks have reached a new low. Net neutrality opponents are trying to undermine Gigi Sohn’s nomination by openly attacking her sexuality. In recent days, outlets like Fox News, The Daily Mail, and Breitbart have launched a slew of dangerous and false attacks that peddle in Qanon style conspiracy theories and homophobic tropes. The articles falsely insinuate Sohn has “opposed” efforts to combat sex trafficking because… wait for it… she sits on the board of the highly respected Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). EFF has opposed dangerous and misguided legislation like SESTA/FOSTA, which experts have warned for years actually makes it harder to combat sex trafficking while wreaking havoc on online free speech.

But here’s the worst part: it’s been several days since telcom backed bigots launched these fact-free, blatantly homophobic attacks on Gigi Sohn, and Senate Democrats and the White House, who should be defending Sohn, have been shamefully silent. If they don’t speak up now and condemn these attacks, this will become a go-to strategy for bigots looking to sink any LGBTQ person’s nomination. We can’t let that happen. 

Sign the petition: “We call on Democratic leadership, including the White House, Chair Cantwell of the Commerce Committee, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to immediately condemn the homophobic attacks on Gigi Sohn and commit to confirming her as soon as possible.

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