Defend encryption: SAY NO to Cooper Davis

A new bill making its way through Congress could severely impact encryption and secure messaging online. Rather than substantially addressing the public health crisis and fentanyl epidemic currently plaguing many communities in the US, this misguided legislation does more harm than good: opening the door for increased surveillance of private messaging and damaging encryption that ensures digital security online. 

The Cooper Davis Act would be a privacy nightmare, requiring online services to surveil their users, collect their data, and keep that information for law enforcement access, and report users who appear to be trafficking drugs, all without informing users of how their information could be used.

Sign the petition and tell your lawmakers “Oppose the Cooper Davis Act and any other attempts to weaken end-to-end encryption, like the EARN IT Act and STOP CSAM. Surveillance is not the answer to a public health crisis. Protect end-to-end encryption and secure messaging with strong privacy legislation!”

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