Tell Uber not to sell your ride history to advertisers

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The Wall Street Journal just revealed that Uber has announced a massive expansion of its advertising business, which includes allowing advertisers to target users based on their recent ride history and real time location data. This is a dangerous invasion of our privacy. Uber should not be selling off information about where we go to the highest bidder. Many people use ridesharing to get to sensitive locations like doctors offices, places of worship, abortion clinics, or addiction treatment centers. Using ride history for advertising puts people in danger, and Uber needs to stop this practice immediately. 

Sign the petition to tell Uber: “Our rides are our business. Immediately stop allowing advertisers to target us based on our ride history or location data. Commit to ending all collection of location data not needed to provide users with the service we’ve requested, and commit to data retention practices that minimize the amount of user data Uber possesses.”