We have another victory! Cloture vote fails on Cybersecurity Act. #CISPA / CSA stalled for now!

We're 3-0: SOPA in the US, ACTA in Europe and now CISPA! The internet is incredible.

BREAKING: A cloture vote on the Senate version of the infamous cybersecurity bill CISPA just failed, 52-46 (it needed 60 votes to move forward).

This means that the bills—which could have given government agencies access to all your personal communications—are dead in the water for now.

But they'll be back. These bills have been a top priority for the Obama administration. Outcry from privacy groups tipped the scales, but an unrelated partisan battle over regulation was the main reason this bill failed—not privacy.

A frightening number of Senators and Representatives see no problem in giving the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the NSA total access to your online communications.

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