BREAKING: a win for Net Neutrality!

Watch President Obama come out for net neutrality. Then, help us win this thing →

President Obama just took a huge step in that video. It's amazing. We (and you!) made it happen.

It took the second largest online protest in history, nearly 4 million comments, White House & FCC phone lines ringing off the hook, nationwide street protests, and a clear argument to policy makers and the public. Once again, Fight for the Future (with our tiny team of 7 people) played a key role in all of that.

So now, we may have won over the White House, but the pressure's on. The FCC can drag their heels. Cable lobbyists will fight back, and Congress could overturn the whole thing. We need your help to finish what we've started. Please, donate whatever you can, and share this page with friends. Can you keep us fighting?

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