Help Wanted

Grant Writer and Org Storyteller (Remote)

Founded in 2011, Fight for the Future is a digital rights nonprofit known for organizing the largest online protests in history. Our mission: to ensure that technology is a force for empowerment, free expression, and liberation rather than tyranny, corruption, and structural inequality. Our small team of artists, strategists, and technologists is known for its ability to move at lightning speed, using our organizing and communications expertise to generate more public attention to an issue in just a few weeks than much larger organizations may have in years. We then direct that awareness into action, scoring victories that others may have written off as unwinnable.

Job Description:

Fight for the Future is currently seeking a part-time writing professional to help us better tell the story of our work and secure funding to support our essential mission. In addition to writing grant proposals and reports, you could find yourself crafting an elevator pitch for a new campaign, wrangling the number of characters or words to fit the guidelines of a foundation’s web portal, refreshing audience-facing copy for our main website, or collaborating with Campaign Directors to narrativize their work. It’s equal parts the science of putting together reports or proposals in the specified format by a set deadline and the art of building narratives that will connect with new audiences. 

Are you an experienced grant writer ready for a new challenge? We’d love to meet you. Are you a talented and multifaceted writer who is looking to gain new marketable skills in development? We’re open to candidates who are ready to learn the ins and outs of how to write grants and other fundraising pieces on the job, and through the support we will provide. 

At minimum, this is a part-time writing role, but the right candidate could grow into a full-time development role on the team.

Core responsibilities:

  • Produce clear and compelling written content including, but not limited to, grant proposals and reports to grant-making organizations; letters of intent (LOIs), concept notes, pitch documents and slide decks; quarterly impact updates for existing and prospective funders; and other organizational brand pieces like the main website.** (75%)**
  • Coordinate with the CFO, who prepares grant budgets and budget reports, and the Executive Director and Director to receive initial direction for content and ultimate final review. (5%)
  • Project manage the collection and review of quarterly updates from Campaign Directors to ensure you have the content needed to build out proposals and reports. As needed, collect this information more frequently for rapid response proposals or pitch documents/ decks. (10%)
  • Copy-edit your own work. Add content for proposals and reports including any required documents to the grant web portals as needed. (10%)

Additional responsibilities during down times:

  • Help to spot new funding opportunities and prospect for new donors or grant-making organizations. This typically starts with online research but includes developing a strategy for building relationships.
  • Conduct cold outreach, organize donor briefings, propose conference panels and more.


  • Many different types of writing experiences could prepare you for this role (a Substack, grad school, comms in the music/art world etc.), but we’re looking for the equivalent of at least three years of writing-heavy work experience.
  • Strong end-to-end writing skills: you can engineer a mission statement, tweak it for different audiences, incorporate review, and proofread the final product. 
  • Big-picture thinking: you can translate complicated technologies and policies into language that lay people will understand. You can boil down a year's worth of work into several paragraphs.
  • Baseline knowledge of our issue area: you understand or can quickly understand the technology we use to further our activism, and the technology that is implicated in our campaigns.
  • Enough patience to review several rounds of edits from three different people and to wrangle character and word counts to meet required guidelines.
  • Strong management skills—both managing up and across the team. You can get your boss to do what is needed and manage peers to ensure you have what you need. You’re organized and not afraid to ask for help. 
  • Systems thinking: you can help to streamline our processes for collecting needed information and getting review on the writing content you are developing. 
  • Some degree of flexibility in your schedule for when we are asked for materials with a tight timeline, or when a rapid response campaign creates an opportunity to raise funds.
  • Cool with working remotely but value getting to know the rest of the team through digital communications.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in and contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Awesome but not totally required:

  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience in activism and/or organizing in U.S. political movements.
  • Knowledge of U.S. philanthropy space. 
  • Familiarity with and experience writing for both 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 non-profits.

Reports to Executive Director

Compensation: This is a contract position, at least to start. We’re looking for 30-50 hrs/month at a rate of $40-$70/hr, depending on experience. You don’t need to be based in the U.S. but language fluency and knowledge of the U.S. political system is a must.

Fight for the Future is an equal opportunity and inclusive employer. FFTF does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We believe that a diverse staff enables us to better understand and serve our members, audience and community. Women, people of color, and members of low-income, disadvantaged, and LGBTQ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.