Strategic Response Manager

Fight for the Future is an organization born in the trenches of online political activism. We led the 2012 Internet Blackout, rallying massive tech companies like Google, Reddit, and Wordpress to help defeat the infamous Stop Online Piracy Act. We pressured the FCC to pass Title II net neutrality protections in 2015, then worked with legal experts and state lawmakers to restore net neutrality after the FCC revoked these same Title II protections in 2017. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now more than ever, political activism is taking place on the Internet. But while technology offers new and groundbreaking opportunities to connect with others, it also creates new challenges for anyone trying to break through the noise and connect with others about important political campaigns and movements.


Fight for the Future is seeking a digital nuts-and-bolts manager with strong writing skills to work with our campaigns team to lead on creating and sharing strategic responses to crucial moments in digital rights. As an organization, we have developed a unique model of tech-activism that involves a collaboration between our tech team and campaigners. Our goal is to find a long-term person to help use and improve upon this model over time. You’re right for this role if you enjoy admining CMS and websites, drafting copy quickly, proofreading, beta-testing, problem-solving, and are intellectually curious about everything in between.

You could be a social media/advertising manager looking to ship products for social change instead, a tech world defector who likes to write, a techy self-driven human fresh out of grad school, a detail-oriented journalist looking to get into a stable activism role, or a person of similar vibe and passion for making sure that during the big moments for digital rights, we’re giving everyone the best tools to take action. We’re seeking someone open-minded who is eager to be a team player and be a leader in our communications and advocacy efforts.

This may be a great role for you if you like working on a team with low ego where everyone will jump in to help in a big moment, if you're self-driven and can move projects forward without too much hand holding (but are also comfortable asking questions or for support when you need it), and if you're a quick learner especially when it comes to learning about new issues.

Our goal as an organizing team is to put the human first in our work culture. We care most about outcomes and reliability, and we are open to flexible and nontraditional schedules that allow you to do your best work so long as we all communicate and have a plan to get shit done.


  • Manage communications product creation & deployment by partnering with campaigners on specific issues:
    • Petition & statement drafting, approval, quality control, & deployment (Action Network/WordPress)
    • Press List management, building, and outreach (Meltwater)
    • Work in tandem with social media & campaigns team for continuity of messaging (Asana/Element)
  • Manage press inbox and help get the right campaigner quoted on each issue.
  • Maintain working knowledge of key issue areas & track frequency of response/messaging in each area
  • Monitor news & recommend strategic response, as well as receive requests from team and execute strategic response
  • Quickly and dynamically respond as opportunities arise to ensure our organization claims a place in the conversation when major players like Congress or Big Tech take actions that impact our issue areas
  • Surface ideas and recommendations for evolution & refinement of communications tools, and manage the integration of such initiatives into strategic response process
  • Work to develop relationships with reporters and brainstorm ways to get our work and perspectives included more frequently in outlets like NYTimes, NPR, and on-camera news programs


  • In terms of experience, a wide variety of life experience could lead the right person to this role, but we’re looking for the equivalent of at least 3 years of work experience
  • Extremely detail and process-oriented, you’re going to catch the error in copy or broken link others will miss, and you enjoy developing systems
  • Reliability
  • Strong and adaptable writing skills (you can write to the “brand voice”)
  • Enjoys the “rinse and repeat” of managing established activism tools & processes
  • Pride in the projects you manage and eagerness to drive them forward
  • Incredibly self-organized and good at herding cats to accomplish a project
  • Interested in a news- and politics- driven work cycle with flexible rest time
  • Experienced and enthusiastic juggler (of projects and priorities, but juggler of objects also welcome)
  • Proven track record of successful project management
  • Enjoys being a part of and supporting a larger team of artists and activists
  • Cool with working remotely but values getting to know the rest of the team through digital communications (video calls, team chats, semi-regular remote socials)

Awesome but Totally Not Required:

  • Familiarity with CMS best practices
  • Familiarity with Wordpress
  • Familiarity with Action Network
  • Some web design skills and Photoshop/Sketch experience
  • Previous experience in press/PR
  • Advocacy experience (issue, or election)
  • Previous experience working successfully from home as part of a remote team

Reports to:

  • Campaign Director
  • Will work across the team with specific campaigners on a given issue area


The range for this position is a salary of $50-70K for a full-time position and $30-$50 hourly for a contract position, depending on experience. Our full-time positions include fully paid healthcare as well as paid time off.  We offer support for remote work, training and mentoring, and a driven, highly collaborative work environment.

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