Technical Project Manager, contract

Fight for the Future is an organization born in the trenches of online political activism. We led the 2012 Internet Blackout, rallying massive tech companies like Google, Reddit, and Wordpress to help defeat the infamous Stop Online Piracy Act. We pressured the FCC to pass Title II net neutrality protections in 2015, then worked with legal experts and state lawmakers to restore net neutrality after the FCC revoked these same Title II protections in 2017. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now more than ever, political activism is taking place on the Internet. But while technology offers new and groundbreaking opportunities to connect with others, it also creates new challenges for anyone trying to break through the noise and connect with others about important political campaigns and movements.

Central to our mission of fighting for freedom of expression online and technology that serves the public interest is strengthening the ability of other value-aligned organizations and movements to leverage both. In this vein, we have been actively opening our playbook through new alliances and partnerships. Recent examples include our work with: Future Coalition, Poor People's Campaign and Women Engaged and we’re looking to expand the number of partnerships in the coming year. To help lead this work, we are seeking a Technical Project Manager.


The core responsibility for this position will be to manage web design and development projects to ensure that we can deliver the most effective products for our organizational partners. This position will also lead day-to-day communications with clients, so we’re looking for an organized, detail-oriented, self-starting, multitasking person.

We’re looking for an organized, detail-oriented, self-starting person with a minimum of three years of experience as a technical project manager. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, web design, and UX standards would also be helpful, though actual developer skills are not expected: you won’t be required to write code.

If you are looking for contract opportunities and feel you could be a fit, we’d like to hear from you. We are a 100% remote team and we typically work from 10am to 6pm EDT .


  • Develop and maintain relationships with organizational partners, many of them non-technical
  • Oversee web projects to ensure they are completed to spec and delivered on time
  • Work with designers and developers to thoroughly document and communicate functional specs and ensure work is completed
  • Monitor project hours burndown rate and ensure projects are completed within budget
  • Schedule and lead meetings with partners and core Fight team members
  • Test web functionality and ensure client’s requirements are met


  • Extremely detail oriented (enough that your friends may secretly hate you for it)
  • Incredibly organized (they might mock you for this too)
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Experienced and enthusiastic juggler
  • Ability to keep your cool when others are freaking out
  • Proven track record of successful project management
  • Some knowledge of best practices in web design and development

Awesome but Totally Not Required:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with Action Network
  • Some web design skills and Photoshop/Sketch experience
  • Previous experience working successfully from home as part of a remote team
  • Previous experience as a campaigner or organizer, especially online
  • Previous experience working for a creative agency


We are looking for a contractor for this position but it could lead to a full time offer. We would be looking for 15-20 hours per week at a rate $60-80 per hour.

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