Endless Adoration

Not only will you have the chance to get on a video call with someone from the Fight for the Future team, get the quarterly merch, the digital goodies, and we’ll include you in our shoutouts, but you’ll also have our endless adoration and thanks for being a champion for our rights in the digital world!
Endless Adoration


Per month
  • Your name in our supporter Hall of Fame
  • Shout you out in our next Livestream
  • Link to downloadable Zoom backgrounds
  • Link to downloadable wallpapers
  • Every quarter we'll send you a unique piece of merch (stickers, poster, mug, etc.)
  • After signing up we'll send you a t-shirt
  • We'll reach out to find a time to get on a video or phone call to chat
  • Our sincere thanks and ❤️