BREAKING: Internet activists are flying a 30-foot blimp outside all of Ron Wyden’s “Town Hall” meetings calling for him to oppose Fast Track for the TPP

Posted March 13, 2015, 2:07 PM


Contact: Evan Greer


Phone: 978-852-6457

Internet freedom activists are flying a 30-foot blimp outside all of Senator Ron Wyden’s "Town Hall" meetings Friday and Saturday calling for him to "Save the Internet" by opposing Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Click here for high-resolution photos and video that are available to press.

These photos are available for use by press. Please credit to photographer Tripp Jennings.

OREGON––Activists working keep the Internet free from censorship are trekking across Oregon Friday and Saturday following Senator Ron Wyden to all of his "Town Hall" meetings flying a giant 30 foot blimp dangling a banner that reads: "Ron Wyden: It’s up to you. Don’t betray us! Save the Internet. No Fast Track for the TPP." The banner also features popular Internet "memes" like Grumpy Cat, and a reference to the massive online protests against SOPA, a bill that Senator Wyden opposed.

The blimp action is being organized by Fight for the Future, a digital rights nonprofit best known for their vibrant online campaigns that have mobilized millions of people to take action for net neutrality, online privacy, and free speech.

The 30-foot blimp will be flying outside all of Senator Wyden’s Town Hall meetings in the following locations. There will be excellent opportunities for photos and visuals on site, and Fight for the Future will have high resolution photos and videos available for use by the media after the event.

Friday, March 13th

UMATILLA, OR: 10:30am
Clara Brownell Middle School (1300 7th St)
LA GRANDE, OR: 5:00pm
Union County Senior Center (1504 N Albany St)

Saturday, March 14th

BAKER CITY, OR: 10:00am
Baker County Senior Center (2810 Cedar St)
ONTARIO, OR: 3:30pm
Four Rivers Cultural Center (676 SW 5th Ave)

Fight for the Future campaign director Evan Greer said, "Senator Wyden has been a strong supporter of Internet freedom issues during his entire career. We are shocked that he is considering supporting anti-democratic Fast Track legislation that would allow the future of the Internet to be decided behind closed doors. We are flying this blimp across Oregon because Senator Wyden needs to know that the Internet is depending on him, and where he stands on this issue will decide whether he is remembered as a hero or a traitor."

To request an interview with one of the organizers or to request photos and video of the protest, please email or call 978-852-6457.