Call on tech reviewers to suspend endorsement of Amazon Ring devices following hacker breakins…

Posted December 20, 2019, 10:01 PM

Call on tech reviewers to suspend their endorsement of Amazon Ring devices following slew of hacker break ins

Recently, a man hacked into a Ring camera to watch an 8 year old girl and speak to her. He introduced himself as Santa Claus and then proceeded to have a conversation with the young girl through a Ring camera her parents had installed in her bedroom.

Since this chilling incident, there have been new reports daily of other users and their families being harassed by people who’ve broken into their Ring devices. And several investigations that show Ring has failed to implement even some of the most basic security measures.

In light of these reports, Gizmodo issued a do not buy warning for Amazon Ring devices and Wirecutter suspended their recommendations. Our organization, Fight for the Future, issued a Product Warning about Ring, along with Electronic Privacy Information Center, Consumer Action, and other advocacy groups.

People depend on tech blogs, guides, and review sites for accurate information about the safety of products when deciding whether to purchase a device. We are asking other tech review sites to suspend their recommendation of Amazon Ring cameras and update all relevant guides immediately. Please contact the sites below and ask them (politely!) to stop, in light of all the information we now have.

Business Insider
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Consumer Reports
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Digital Trends
Twitter: @DigitalTrends

PC Magazine
Twitter: @PCMag + @dancosta
Twitter: @thesafetycom

Twitter: @TechHive + @BrowniesHQ

Tech Radar
Twitter: @techradar

Tom’s Guide
Twitter: @tomsguide + @mikeprospero

Amazon Ring devices are not safe. For more information on the dangers associated with these products visit: and check out our recent op-ed in NBC news.

Update on December 24, 2019:
igeeksblog. com rescinded their recommendation of Amazon Ring cameras.