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URGENT: NSA surveillance on track to be extended and expanded this week.

Posted 14:36 EDT on May 12, 2015

On May 7th, 2015, the Second District Court of Appeals ruled that the NSA’s bulk collection of phone call data using Section 215 of the Patriot Act, as revealed by Edward Snowden, is illegal.

This decision, if upheld, would end the NSA’s capability to suck up bulk phone call data.

Now Congress is trying to pass a bill— the Orwellian “USA Freedom Act”—that would give this power back to the NSA through new legal loopholes while appearing on the surface to reign-in the NSA.

The bill is getting voted on this week. Don’t be fooled. It is designed to appease the public while cementing the government’s surveillance authority for years to come.

USA Freedom Act doesn’t just fail to reform mass surveillance; it extends and expands it.

  • Extends Section 215 of the Patriot Act until 2019 while modernizing it so it can suck up more information on the devices we use most commonly.
  • Expand the type of information the government can access. The bill expands call data from landlines to include VoIP calls and video chats, and likely will allow the government to access all data related to smartphone activity.
  • Claims to end bulk collection, but would allow the government to continue collecting huge amounts of data by using broad search terms to target big portions of the population and then conducting surveillance on anyone who is “connected” to those targets.
  • Provides legal immunity to companies that violate privacy laws and pays them to participate in handing over data to the government.
  • Creates broad “emergency” powers for the government to collect all kinds of personal data without prior court approval. The government could use this authority to suck up and retain massive amounts of data.
  • Allows the FBI to access data collected for counterterrorism investigations and use it for investigations outside of counterterrorism cases. The FBI can then set up permanent gag orders to prevent public oversight into their use of this data.
  • Creates a new public advocate at the FISA court but lets the government block the advocate from seeing any and all information they choose to keep secret from them.
  • Takes wind out of the sails of real reform by appearing to have addressed mass surveillance (without actually doing anything to fundamentally alter mass surveillance).

Click here to tell Congress to sunset the PATRIOT Act. 

Read more about Congress’ fake reform bill:

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URGENT: Senate votes tomorrow to advance “Fast Track” for the TPP

Posted 18:02 EDT on May 11, 2015

The Senate is voting TOMORROW to advance Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The vote is going to be close and we need everyone to contact their Senators right now and demand they oppose Fast Tracking Internet censorship.


Everyone has said that we have no hope of stopping Fast Track in the Senate — that the House is our only hope. But after the last few weeks, it’s looking more and more like we can stop Fast Track in the Senate.

If we can win in the Senate tomorrow, it’d be a huge victory for the Internet. It would set back plans for the Trans-Pacific Partnership months, if not kill it entirely.

Click here to take action now and let’s stop this secret trade deal.

Evan at FFTF

Learn more:


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Facebook is supporting Fast Track for the TPP

Posted 10:34 EDT on May 7, 2015

Facebook’s billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg is screwing over the Internet. Again. We are so close to stopping Fast Track for the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but now Facebook is lobbying for it.

Tell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop promoting Internet censorship!

Internet users from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly oppose the secretive Fast Track process, which would allow government bureaucrats and industry lobbyists to make important internet policy decisions in secret. Thousands of websites and tech companies oppose Fast Track too, from tiny startups to hugely popular services like Tumblr, imgur, and reddit.

But at a time when every vote counts and Congress is taking stock of where tech companies stand on these bills, Facebook is stabbing their users in the back and endangering all of our rights.

Sign the petition to tell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop supporting Fast Track for the TPP

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has built his fortune on the back of the free and open Internet. He should be ashamed that his company is now helping hasten the passage of the TPP’s draconian copyright provisions.

If enough of us sign this petition, it will send a message to other tech companies at a time when we need as many of them as possible to vocally oppose the Fast Track bills.

Click here to tell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg not to put us on the Fast Track to censorship!

For the Internet,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. We are now up against two deadlines: trying to stop the TPP and the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act in the same month. Will you chip in $5 to help us go hard on both?

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Fight for the Future opposes the USA Freedom Act; calls for end to all mass government surveillance

Posted 10:59 EDT on May 6, 2015

May 5, 2015

Contact: Evan Greer, 978-852-6457

Fight for the Future opposes the USA Freedom Act; calls for end to all mass government surveillance

So-called “reform bill is intended to enshrine modern surveillance state into law

Fight for the Future, a digital rights group with more than 1.4 million members that has been at the forefront of the fight against mass surveillance and organized the Reset the Net campaign endorsed by Edward Snowden and thousands of major tech companies, strongly opposes the USA Freedom Act, dangerous legislation that fails to end mass government surveillance and in fact codifies some of the worst practices into law.

Congress should not consider any legislation that reauthorizes Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act. Instead, Congress should let this dangerous provision expire and pass much-needed reforms, including ending mass surveillance under section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, Executive Order 12333 and other authorities, and enhancing Congressional oversight of secret intelligence agencies.

Fight for the Future co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng said, “No expert would disagree – the USAFreedom Act does not end bulk collection. This bill looks like it was crafted at the behest of intelligence agencies seeking to maintain the status quo and contains a series of loopholes that seem to negate every reform the bill purports to make. At a time when the public is outraged that Congress has done nothing to rein in abusive government spying, we should not enshrine the modern surveillance state into law under the guise of meager reform.”

“The USA Freedom Act is an insult to the millions of people around the world who have spoken out online and taken to the streets demanding that the U.S. government respect their human right to privacy,” added FFTF’s Campaign Director, Evan Greer, “Freedom cannot exist in a world where everyone is constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering if their government is watching. The USAFreedom Act is an abuse of the word “freedom” and organizations and lawmakers who truly support liberty and freedom of speech will oppose it.”

Fight for the Future representatives are available for comment on the USA Freedom Act and other surveillance and internet freedom issues. Contact: to set up an interview.


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Every second counts and every voice matters.

Posted 17:47 EDT on April 29, 2015

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Urgent: action needed TODAY to stop Fast Track for the TPP. Click here!

Bad news first: Fast Track legislation to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has now passed out of committee in both the U.S. House and Senate, and it’s moving fast.

Now the good news: just this morning, the House Majority Leader admitted that “the votes aren’t there yet” to get this anti-democratic, censorship-enabling legislation passed. [1]

But both the Obama administration and corporate-backed Republican leadership are working together to spread propaganda and claim there is “nothing secret” in the TPP – while the entire text is still classified! [2] Worse, they are literally bribing reps with a fancy dinner if they vote for the Fast Track bills [3].

The vote is going to be painfully close. Every second counts and every voice matters. Will you speak out today?

Click here to take urgent action to stop the Fast Track bills now.

This is a huge opportunity. If we can defeat Fast Track legislation in the U.S., it’s very likely that the entire TPP will fall apart. This is our chance to change history and to make it clear we won’t accept a future where decisions that affect our lives are made by governments in secret.

Thanks for all you do,
-Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Rep Nancy Pelosi now plays a key role in whether these Fast Track bills move ahead. Will you click here to tweet at her or call her office at (202) 225-4965 to tell her to oppose Fast Track for the TPP?

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