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USA Freedom Act: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Posted 13:16 EST on November 18, 2014


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Today, two years after we learned about the US government’s massive surveillance programs on every Internet user in the world, the Senate goes to vote on a bill that’s supposed to end them. But it’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing so far; as written, it does not protect free speech in the digital age.

We need you to help make sure USA Freedom does not pass tonight. It has major flaws that Congress has failed to address. Click here to get the number to call, and retweet this if you’re on Twitter.

We’ve learned together how mass surveillance is censorship – think of how often you’ve censored yourself since learning about the NSA’s and other government programs. No open society has its government and the largest corporations monitor everyone’s actions.  They’re breaking the law, but trying to make it status quo.

Today’s the day to send a message to governments of the world that you’re against mass surveillance and won’t be fooled by fake fixes. Click here to take action and share.

This bill is bad already, and they’re about to open it up for amendments, where it could get even worse. Here’s the key issues:

  1. It  does almost nothing for mass surveillance: NSA can still access most of  our call and Internet data through loopholes; it also reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act. [1]

  2. SOPA’s sister bill, “the Bieber bill” for streaming felonies might get added!!! [2]

  3. CISA / CISPA, which would allow companies to openly violate privacy law and share our data might get added. [3]

This organization stands and fights for free speech in the digital age. We want to see a real NSA reform bill pass, but this isn’t that. Let’s all say loudly that the USA Freedom Act doesn’t go far enough, so that next time Congress tries to “fix” this problem, they know we’re watching closely.

Click here, call and retweet:

Thanks for all you do.

Tiffiniy and Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Here’s the full letter opposing USA Freedom we signed onto with Firedoglake, CREDO,  Sunlight Foundation, and whistleblowers William Binney, Daniel Ellsberg, and more:

[1] Wheeler, Marcy. “Why I Don’t Support USA Freedom Act”. Empty Wheel.

[2] Masnick, Mike. “Harry Reid Wants To Attach Part Of SOPA To Surveillance Reform Bill”. Techdirt.

[3] Bennett, Cory. “Cyber bill’s fate hinges on NSA reform”. The Hill.

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PRESS RELEASE: Net neutrality supporters throw kickin’ Party at the FCC

Posted 09:41 EST on November 14, 2014

November 14th, 2014

Media contact:
Evan Greer, Fight for the Future
Phone: 978-852-6457

Net neutrality supporters throw kickin’ Party at the FCC

More than 100 people danced, chanted, and partied outside FCC headquarters in Washington, DC calling for Title II reclassification without delay. Protesters turned out for “cell phone vigils” more than a dozen other U.S. cities.

WASHINGTON – Dozens of Internet users converged outside FCC headquarters in SW Washington, DC last night for a high energy protest dance party, dubbed “Party at the FCC.” Net neutrality supporters waved signs reading “Save the Internet!” and “Reclassify now!” while boogying down to a live DJ, eating pizza, and chanting “Party at the FCC! Party at the FCC!”

See a short video of the party here.

See gorgeous photos from Party at the FCC here.

The protest dance party was organized by Fight for the Future, Popular Resistance, Demand Progress, and with support from a wide range of netroots organizations. In addition to the action in Washington, DC, Internet users rallied at “cell phone vigils” in more than a dozen other cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and Boston. Protesters held their phones aloft displaying, a website that allows anyone to turn their phone, tablet, or laptop into a net neutrality protest sign.

“The Internet freedom movement has a lot to celebrate,” said Holmes Wilson, co-founder of Fight for the Future, who attended the dance party, “We’re closer than ever to winning real Title II net neutrality that will protect free speech on the Internet for generations to come. We deserve to party, but we chose to party on the FCC’s doorstep so that they know we are watching closely, and we’ll consider any delay on their part as a stalling tactics designed to benefit the telecoms at the expense of the public.”

Net neutrality activists are pushing for the FCC to listen to the growing public consensus for Title II reclassification, and plan to continue escalating actions calling for the FCC to enact new rules without delay.

For updates, follow @fightfortheftr on twitter and visit


See some photos below. More photos available soon. These photos are available for use by press (Joe Newman photos: CC NC SA).







View more photos at

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Net neutrality activists plan “Party at the FCC” and nationwide protests Thursday

Posted 15:20 EST on November 12, 2014

Media Advisory
November 12th, 2014

Evan Greer, Fight for the Future, 978-852-6457
Kevin Huang, Fight for the Future, 510-648-5048

Net neutrality activists escalate campaign, call for dance party at FCC headquarters and nationwide protests demanding full Title II reclassification without delay

WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, November 13th, net neutrality activists are hosting “Party at the FCC”, a protest dance party outside the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC, with satellite protests in cities across the country. Buoyed by President Obama’s recent statement for real net neutrality and the 30 nationwide protests across the country last week, activists are demanding that the FCC move swiftly and not delay enacting strong net neutrality rules that protect Internet users from censorship and discrimination.

See an updated map and list of protests planned here:

See the Facebook event and flyer for #PartyAtTheFCC here:

WHAT: #PartyAtTheFCC: Outdoor dance party at FCC Headquarters in Washington, DC and nationwide solidarity protests calling for the FCC to enact net neutrality without delay

WHEN: November 13th, 2014, 6PM local time

WHERE: 445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20554; And other cities including:

New York City, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

Santa Monica, California

Findlay, Ohio

Scottsdale, Arizona

Eugene, Oregon

Spokane, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Dubuque, Iowa


WHY: To demand that the FCC stop stalling on rules that ban discriminatory “fastlanes” and listen to the 4 million Americans and thousands of businesses who’ve called for real net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

WHO: The protests are supported by Fight for the Future,, Free Press, Demand Progress, and several other grassroots organizations in collaboration with millions of online supporters.

BACKGROUND: Nearly 4 million Americans (alongside companies like Reddit, Tumblr, Netflix, and Google) have spoken out against discriminatory fast lanes and for real net neutrality. September’s #InternetSlowdown protest rallied over 40,000 websites and drove 312,000 calls to Congress and more than 700,000 comments to the FCC. This week, President Obama declared strong support for Title II reclassification, a statement that has been called for by Internet users for months. This recent success speaks to Internet users ability to organize for net neutrality over the past year, including several mass online actions, as well as the Occupy the FCC encampment, during which demonstrators camped outside the FCC for 10 days.


Fight for the Future works to excite the Internet to fight for the public good, our basic rights and freedoms. Founded in 2011, we’re known for effective, viral organizing and mass engagement through the distributed organizing platforms we’ve built, including the SOPA protests in the winter of 2011-2012 and the Internet Defense League. For more information, visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Party at the FCC on Thursday! Or join a protest near you.

Posted 14:53 EST on November 12, 2014

Party at the FCC on Thursday Nov 13th! RSVP here:

Find a protest near you:

We just scored a huge victory for net neutrality, so we’re throwing a kickin’ dance party to celebrate the power of the free and open web. But we’re throwing it right on the FCC’s doorstep to keep the pressure on so they know we want real net neutrality without delay!

Can you join us for a party at the FCC? Click here to learn more!

WHAT: Party at the FCC to Save the Internet! No compromise! No delay!

WHEN: Thursday, November 13th, 6pm - 9pm
WHERE: FCC Headquarters, 445 12th St NW, DC
FUN: Live DJ spinning dance jams for net neutrality! Free pizza and coffee!

BRING: Cell phones & tablets with loaded. Glowsticks, beach balls, party props, Internet-meme based costumes. Get creative!

Can you make it or help spread the word? Click here!

We’re closer than ever before to beating back Team Cable’s attack on Internet freedom protecting the Internet for generations to come.

Let’s party for our right to Internet freedom!
-Fight for the Future

P.S. Can’t make it to the party on Thursday? That’s cool. Can you tell your friends by sharing on Facebook and Twitter?

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