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Seriously, Facebook?!

Posted 17:52 EDT on June 23, 2014


Facebook just announced a creepy new tracking system that watches you even when you’re not on Facebook. Click here to opt out and say NO!

We’ve done a lot together to win real victories against government surveillance, now it’s time to address the big elephant in the room: companies like Facebook, whose business models are fundamentally at odds with their user’s rights.

Last week, Facebook announced that it will begin tapping into your web browsing and Internet data outside of Facebook to serve ads.[1] This is incredibly creepy. By selling and sharing your and every Internet user’s personal data to private companies and government agencies, Facebook is putting everyone at risk of having their basic rights abused. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, Facebook is still tracking you and handing your information over. [2]

Click here to see how Facebook is using your web browsing history.

We’re telling Facebook to stop and our campaign is growing fast! In the last two days, more than 23,000 of you have already taken action to tell Zuckerberg and Facebook to stop creeping on our every movement on the Internet. And the number of voices joining our action only keep growing each second.

This could be bad for all of us and not just because Mark Zuckerberg can look at your browsing history. Facebook’s close ties with government agencies like the NSA threaten your and every Internet user’s right to privacy. [3] If Zuckerberg is data mining every trace of your Internet usage, then the NSA has that same data too.[4] That’s why it’s so important that we take action and stop this abuse now.

Yes, I’ll support the campaign to tell Facebook to stop abusing my right to privacy!

We’ve won major victories for Internet freedom in the past, let’s add this to that list. If we can get enough people to demand that Facebook stop abusing Internet user’s right to privacy, we can stop them.

For the Internet,

Kevin, Holmes, Evan, and Tiffiniy

Fight for the Future

P.S. Taking on Facebook’s abuse of privacy is no small task, but our small team is working hard to make this campaign spread wide and far. Can you chip in to help us take on Facebook? Please donate $20 (or more) today!


[1] Washington Post. “Facebook draws fire from privacy advocates over ad changes”.

[2] LifeHacker. “Facebook Is Tracking Your Every Move on the Web; Here’s How to Stop It”.

[3] Bloomberg Businessweek. “Europe’s High Court Will Look at Facebook’s Possible Role in NSA Spying”.

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The U.S. House of Representatives just voted to CUT FUNDING for some of the NSA’s most nefarious backdoor spying programs.

Posted 15:47 EDT on June 20, 2014

Victory tastes sweet! Click the image above to share or use the buttons below:


Want to help us keep winning? Please make a donation today!

Check out these articles and blog posts to learn more about exactly how these amendments we just helped pass will curtail the NSA’s dragnet program. It’s exciting stuff!

No matter what happens in Congress, though, the real battle is raging on the web. In the weeks to come we’ll be redoubling our efforts to Reset the Net, and kick the likes of the NSA off the Internet for good.

Overview from Spencer Ackerman in The Guardian:

Marcy Wheeler explains some of what others are missing on how these Amendments will also affect the FBI and the CIA:

Blog post form our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Great analysis from Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation:

The New York Times summarizes the changes as well:

For our take, check out this email we sent to our members after the votes were tallied:


Dear Fight for the Future member,

You did it! Late last night — after they were bombarded by calls from FFTF members and many others — the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to cut funding for some of the NSA’s most nefarious backdoor spying programs.

There’s no question about it. The tides are turning. We didn’t just win this vote, we won it by a landslide. 293-123.

Our movement is showing it’s power, and organized Internet users are once again proving to be a more formidable force than the U.S. government (or any of the pundits) expected.

We still have a long way to go. No matter what happens in Congress, we will need to continue our Reset the Net effort to secure the web through technology. As we know all too well, governments often bend and break the rules they set for themselves, and so far the reforms on the table in Congress don’t do nearly enough to protect the rights of people outside the U.S.

But one thing is certain: we are gaining ground, and the NSA is losing it. We’re beating them back with technology, pushing politicians to cut their funding, and dragging their secretive programs out into the sunlight for all to see.

This vote in congress didn’t happen by magic. So many of us have spoken out in the last year and made it clear in no uncertain terms that mass surveillance is not okay. Our movement has become too big for Congress to ignore. We forced them to go on record supporting change.

We still have much work to do, but today is a day worth celebrating! More soon.

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, Kevin, and Evan
Fight for the Future

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Sneak attack! Take action now to defund NSA spying.

Posted 15:05 EDT on June 18, 2014


Dear Fight for the Future member,

Last year, we were 12 votes shy of defunding the NSA’s phone spying program’s with a last minute amendment. Now we have a chance for another sneak attack, but we could have less than 24 hours to implement it and push it over the edge. Today or tomorrow, U.S. Congress will vote on an Amendment to the “must-pass” Defense funding bill that – if it gets enough yes votes – could close up the backdoors the NSA has been using to spy on all of us (1).

This is a significant silver bullet to disrupt the NSA’s blanket spying. But time is running out. Click here to take action right now!

This Amendment is different. It’s not a big clunky bill that we can expect to get watered down by the corrupt leadership of both parties, it’s more of a Congressional guerilla tactic. Rep. Zoe Lofgren is tacking this Amendment on to the Defense Appropriations Bill, a bill that basically has to pass. She’s forcing the question – the Amendment basically says that the NSA can’t use any of the funds it’s given to conduct warrantless searches under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, and it also prevents them from building back doors into security products (2).

Congress doesn’t get many calls about amendments like this. Your voice matters! Click here to contact your reps.

Remember the Amash Amendment that no one thought had a chance, and then it almost passed and would have defunded some of the NSA’s programs? (3). If we can flood Congress with calls and emails right now, we can cut off one of the NSA’s octopus arms, and actually stop them from using our own tax dollars to spy on us. The vote could happen as early as this afternoon.

Click here to to demand that Congress protect our rights and shut the backdoor the NSA has been using to invade our lives.

We’re busy building the next phase of Reset the Net, our ongoing campaign to rid the Internet of mass surveillance through the massive spread of encryption technology, but in the meantime, this is a quick, easy, and satisfying way to make another dent in the NSA’s armor.

Thanks for all that you do,
Evan, Tiffiniy, and Kevin
Fight for the Future

P.S. We think it’s important that we all take action today and help this Amendment pass if at all possible. But we also recognize it’s limitations. Everyone in the world deserves privacy, not just U.S. citizens. That’s why we’re continuing to build a global movement around Reset the Net. Want to help? Please donate $20 (or more) today!

1) Kayyali, Nadia.
Congress Decides This Week Whether to Shut the NSA Backdoor: Here’s How You Can Help .The Hill.

2) Kopan, Tal .Amendment coming on ‘backdoors,’ surveillance. Politico.

3) Fung, Brian. Justin Amash almost beat the NSA. Next time, he might do it. Washington Post.

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We landed our first punch.

Posted 16:28 EDT on June 16, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

We know how to fight the NSA. Finally.

It’s been one year since the Snowden leaks and, with Reset the Net, I feel like we just landed our first real punch, and got our first real result. Now the question is: can we keep fighting?

Reset the Net worked so well. Huge services like Tumblr, Wordpress, and Sendgrid announced new encryption that–thanks to Snowden–we know makes spying harder. Meanwhile, thousands of sites (including Minecraft, one of the world’s most-downloaded games) drove downloads of encrypted calling and texting tools all day on Thursday.

Not a techie? Well, to the NSA, that means our private conversations will increasingly look like this: “I9XJKigrOgyymB1oEtF37xoKDzXuS5NbbRGT5Rq4GA1VCJYC”

The scale of what we’re achieving is just staggering. Sendgrid alone delivers billions of emails each month. Now, those emails are encrypted, safer.

So we can’t stop now, but this is intense work! Last week was a huge lift for our small team. We think we can get dozens, maybe hundreds more huge sites to step up. But to do it, we’ll need a full-time organizer: someone to approach sites, convince them to join, and plan more days of action. Can you donate to keep Reset the Net going?

Yes, I’ll donate to a strategy that’s winning against NSA mass surveillance.

Our tiny organization is facing a battle on two fronts. We are finally making dents in the NSA’s surveillance system, but meanwhile America’s cable monopolies are attacking the fundamental principles of the open Internet–the ones that make campaigns like this possible. Alone, either of these would be the fight of our lives. Together, it’s almost more than we can handle.

But we think we can do both, and we have to: each win means so much. Reset the Net was 6 months of work. Now that the campaign structure is in place, we just need to keep adding sites to our roster, and encouraging sites who’ve already joined to keep pushing the envelope. We don’t need expensive design or development help, just one driven full-time organizer. Someone who can keep nudging this snowball forward, until it becomes an avalanche. Can you pitch in?

Yes, I’ll donate to a strategy that’s shutting down NSA mass surveillance, piece by piece.

This is what victory looks like. Sincerely,

Evan, Holmes, Tiffiniy and the whole Fight for the Future team

P.S. We are serious. If this email goes well we are hiring an organizer right now. Interested? Reply with links to work you’ve done.

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