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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Rock Against the TPP tour draws large crowds across the U.S. to protest Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

Posted 05:33 EDT on October 3, 2016

The Rock Against the TPP tour has drawn large crowds across the U.S., making it the biggest nationwide ground mobilization against the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal to date. These photos and videos are available for use by press. Contact: with inquiries.

Portland, OR. Photo credit: Gaetano Vacarro

Denver, CO. Photo credit: Evan Greer

San Francisco, CA. Photo Credit: Peter Booth Lee

Talib Kweli in Seattle. Photo Credit: Rick Barry

Denver, CO. Photo credit: Evan Greer

Tom Morello finale in Denver. Photo: Courtesy FFTF

Seattle, WA. Photo: Rick Barry

Evangeline Lilly at rally in Denver. Photo: Evan Greer


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