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Chelsea Manning attorneys request commutation of sentence to time served

Posted 15:04 EST on November 14, 2016

Today, Chelsea Manning’s legal defense team released a letter sent to the U.S. Army and the Office of the Pardon Attorney, requesting the commutation of Ms. Manning’s 35 year court-martial sentence to time served and “a first chance to live a real, meaningful life.” The letter discusses the harsh and inhumane conditions Ms. Manning was subjected to in unlawful pretrial solitary confinement for nearly a year.   

View the full letters to the Secretary of the Army and President Obama’s Pardon Attorney here.

Fight for the Future is helping spread the word about a petition calling for President Obama to reduce Manning’s sentence to time served.

See the petition here. 

Fight for the Future is a nonprofit that protects free speech in the digital age. We have been supporting Chelsea Manning while she is incarcerated, and released this letter with the permission of her attorneys.

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