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The Senate is one vote away from giving the FBI warrantless access to your browsing history.

Posted 09:30 EDT on July 11, 2016

Here are the key senators that could swing the vote either way.

A couple of weeks ago, the Senate tried to sneak a rider onto a spending bill that would give the FBI sweeping new surveillance authority, including warrantless access to browsing history (obtained from ISPs). This measure failed by one vote after thousands of people called their senators using a phone tool we set up at and 1-919-FREEDOM.

(special thanks to Edward Snowden for helping make this viral!)

Now, Republican leadership is planning to re-introduce the measure (McCain Amendment 4787) and do a re-vote this week. Even though we won the first time, the razor-thin margin means this upcoming vote could really go either way. It all boils down to a few key senators who are undecided or likely to change their minds. Here’s what we know so far:

Crucial Swing Voters

According to our sources on Capitol Hill, these senators are the most likely to change their minds and vote against the bill, but only if enough of their constituents urge them to VOTE NO on McCain Amendment 4787.

Hall of Shame (worst politicians ever)

These politicians are the absolute worst on mass surveillance, and nothing will ever change their minds. Elect them out of office!

McCain 4787 Vote Breakdown

Here's how the whole Senate voted on this dangerous bill:

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