10 years in and keeping up the fight.

We know persistence pays off. Our small group of activists, engineers, technologists and artists run hard-hitting campaigns that fight for a future where technology is a force for community, openness, and collective power—not oppression.

Fighting for the Future, together.

What can the future look like? How do we get there? Where do we focus our energy now? We talked to activists, technologists, Fight staff, artists, creators, and like-minded politicians about achieving a future where technology is a force for good. What could the next decade (and beyond) hold? Here’s what they had to say.

How it started.

Ten years ago, SOPA/PIPA legislation threatened to end the free and open Internet as we knew it. This catalyzed a small group of activists to organize Internet denizens and fight back. Against all odds, the group won, and the Internet was saved—for the time being. Part of that group became Fight for the Future, a few scrappy doers who noted that the Internet’s transformation of mass media created a powerful opportunity to influence policy and shape a more just, equitable world.

How it’s going.

The last decade presented many new challenges and has made uncompromising, strategic organizing, like that of Fight for the Future, ever more essential. Centralized, privately-controlled platforms have amassed monopolistic power and swaths of digital territory, downplaying the dangers they pose to individuals and society. But we haven’t let attempts to normalize abusive practices and weaponize technology go unnoticed. We’ve continued to run hard-hitting campaigns that keep runaway Big Tech in check.
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