Help us crowdfund these billboards holding Dems that shill for Amazon & Google accountable!

Mockup of the billboard

Voters overwhelmingly want elected officials to crack down on tech giants and their dangerous business practices that are particularly harmful to small businesses. Two bills in Congress would do just that: S. 2992 and S. 2710. But, a small handful of Democrats who take big money from Big Tech are quietly trying to derail them, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer might be helping. In the process, these Democrats are exposing themselves as shills for Big Tech, just ahead of a tight election year—and the GOP is already calling them out.

Your donation will support billboards in New Hampshire (for Senator Hassan) and Colorado (for Senator Bennet) if we raise enough and these Senators remain steadfast in their opposition to Big Tech accountability. Should we not run these billboards, all funds will go directly toward other efforts to pass S2992 and S2710.

Donate now to fund billboards to hold these Senators accountable if they betray small businesses and keep shilling for Big Tech!