For immediate release: July 14, 2014


Dear Fight for the Future member,

There’s just thirty six hours left.  That’s how long we have to get pro-Net Neutrality comments submitted to the FCC in front of their first comment period deadline — and save the Internet from the clutches of Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and their ilk.

The deadline is tomorrow! Click here to submit your comments to the FCC right now.

We’re in a battle to for the Internet as we know it. Net Neutrality guarantees all websites — start-ups, blogs, independent media, lolcats — an even playing field.  It’s essentially the First Amendment of the Internet. It’s what has made it so revolutionary, and it gives all of us a voice.

But the cable companies want to gut Net Neutrality to increase their profits. Without Net Neutrality, those corporations can kill websites by relegating them to slow lanes if they don’t pay fees — or if they just don’t like the content they contain. That threatens not only the Internet that we love, but the very foundations of a free society.

Cable companies are spending millions of lobbying dollars in an attempt to drown out the overwhelming cry of the public who are demanding that the FCC protect the Internet. Our best shot at winning this is to strike hard right now and flood the FCC with more comments than they’ve ever gotten before (even more than Janet Jackson.) We are so close to that goal already that if everyone reading this takes action, we’ll hit it by the end of the day.

We made submitting an official comment to the FCC as easy as signing a petition. Click here to speak up for net neutrality before the July 15th deadline!

Many of you have already signed petitions to the FCC  — and so have literally millions of others.  That’s incredible — and it’s had a huge impact. But the ISP monopolies are now we all need to go one step further and submit formal comments into the FCC’s Net Neutrality proceeding.

It’s really quick and easy, and carries way more weight than the usual petition signature does. You’ll be a formal part of the process.

Click here to submit a formal comment to the FCC before the end of this comment period — it’s over TOMORROW.

Just a few months ago, FCC was poised to undermine Net Neutrality all together.  Because we all pushed back, now they’re considering adopting rules that would save it, and protect the web for the long term.

But they’ll only do so if we speak out again, even louder.  

The cable companies have armies of lobbyists and public relations firms – and since they own so much of the communications infrastructure, it’s especially easy for them to push their propaganda.

But we have millions of people on our side — and our only chance of beating the cable companies is if we all take a stand, together.

Click here to visit our brand new website and send the FCC a formal comment demanding support for Net Neutrality.  It’ll only take a minute.

With urgency and appreciation,
The Fight for the Future team
-Tiffiniy, Holmes, Evan, Kevin, Vasjen, Jessica, and Jeff

P.S. While it’s essential that we bombard the FCC with comments before the deadline tomorrow, we’re still going to have to keep the pressure on all summer, and ratchet it up even further when the decision time comes in the Fall. Want to help us win the battle for the net? Please chip in $10 (or whatever you can afford) today.