For immediate release: July 30, 2014


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Exciting news! The Fight for the Future community is growing. We now have more than 1 million members who are spread out all over the world, and come from nearly every political viewpoint. Our love for the free and open Internet unites us.

While we’ve been growing our ranks, we’ve been keeping our team small and our costs low. There’s still just six of us running FFTF with the help of an amazing network of volunteers, coalition partners, and co-conspirators.

Many of you have funded our work. We’ve been excited to report how we use our resources creatively – we go big or go home. Just this year we:

  • began development on an open source app and browser extension (that many of you helped fund!) that will allow us to send urgent alerts without using email when the Internet is threatened. Want to help? Check out the code on github and get involved.

  • brought together an unprecedented coalition of tech companies, labor unions, environmental groups, leftists and libertarians to oppose Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership’s secretive internet censorship plan.
  • won the prestigious Knight Foundation’s prototype award to build a global anti-censorship alert system. Helped crowdfund thousands of VPNs to send to activists fighting censorship in Turkey.

  • pushed back on the expansion of corporate meddling in Internet freedom by rallying against CISA (the new CISPA), collecting hundreds of thousands of signatures against Facebook’s abusive practices, and supporting Occupy Google when they were arrested for free speech.

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It doesn’t cost anything, so it’s an awesome way to help even if you’re broke! You don’t have to log in or share your email or anything. It takes two seconds and it could help us receive thousands of dollars of much needed funding that we’ll immediately use to continue ramping up the fight for net neutrality, online privacy, and free expression.

We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished together! All 1,247,000 (and counting) of us. Just as a reminder, we only want to email people who want to get our emails, so if you ever want to unsubscribe, we try to make it really easy. Just use the link at the bottom of all our emails.

Thanks for being part of the Fight for the Future team. Feels good to win, doesn’t it?

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-Evan, Tiffiniy, Holmes, Kevin, Jessica, Jeff
and the whole FFTF team

P.S. If you need even more reasons to feel great about what we’ve done together, get this full-length book about our epic victory against SOPA! It’s even called “The Fight for the Future.” Featuring you, if you were there!

P.P.S. For more info about’s Charity of the Month program, check out this blog post. They provide open source privacy tools, and are major FFTF supporters!