For immediate release: July 31, 2014


Today we’re excited to announce the latest parts of the web that we’re making off-limits to government surveillance as part of our ongoing campaign to Reset the Net.

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Last month we launched Reset the Net with a bang on and we reached billions of people. The largest websites on earth participated, and we vowed to continue our work to secure the Internet site by site, app by app, and user by user.

Despite the resounding success of Reset the Net and the growing public outcry against mass surveillance, Congress seems intent on dragging their feet and pushing legislation that’s full of loopholes. We at Fight for the Future are disappointed with the latest Senate version of the USA Freedom Act, as it contains vague language that could potentially make things worse than the status quo. We’ll be working to demand improvements, but we’re not willing to wait.

By refusing to pass meaningful reform on this issue, the government is giving us no choice but to redouble our efforts to mount a digital self-defense against mass spying.

Here’s the awesome news in this month’s Reset the Net announcement:

  • Namecheap just launched, a one-stop site that makes it easy to add SSL encryption to your website for just $1.99 (and some gets donated to us!)

  • GSM Nation, a major seller of unlocked smartphones, is joining Reset the Net by including a physical “Privacy Pack” insert in the thousands of phones they ship.

  • reddit, with 115 million unique visitors a month, vowed to continue offering free advertising to privacy-related startups for the duration of the Reset the Net campaign. Got an app they should feature? Tell us on Twitter or reply to this email.

  • The Student Net Alliance, a new network of campus groups working for Internet freedom, launched a Campus Internet Policy Gradebook to pressure colleges and universities to adopt better practices to protect student privacy and free speech rights.

  • Open Whisper Systems announced this week the launch of Signal, a new app allowing for FREE and easy end-to-end encrypted phone calls worldwide on iPhone. Check it out and start making phone calls in privacy!

We’ll be announcing a new round of Reset the Net participants, and escalating our actions and demands each month. Want to be included in the next wave? Know an organization, company, news outlet, or app that should be included? Reply to this email and let us know.

No matter who you are, you can take a few simple steps to secure your own devices, protecting your and your family’s privacy. Check out the Reset the Net privacy pack, and share it widely today:

For the Internet,
-Tiffiniy and Evan
Fight for the Future & Reset the Net

PS. If you missed the launch of Reset the Net, check out this awesome infographic to see the incredible thigns we’ve accomplished so far.

P.P.S. Organizing a single day of action like we did on June 5th is a major effort, but organizing a long term effort to secure the web is even more epic. Want to help support this work? Please chip in today.