For immediate release: September 23, 2014




Today we are asking everyone to take urgent action to tell President Barack Obama to keep his campaign promises and immediately take steps to protect net neutrality.

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Here’s the latest: Fight for the Future’s co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng is on her way to the White House right now. She’s been invited to take part in a conversation about net neutrality, in response to a letter we sent with many other groups calling on the White House to endorse Title II reclassification (aka real net neutrality).

Tiffiniy is there for one thing: to tell Obama’s staff point blank that it’s time for the President to do his job and make good on the many promises he made during his campaign. Candidate Obama said he would “take a backseat to no one” in defense of net neutrality and that he would ensure that commissioners he appointed to the FCC would act accordingly.

But so far, that has all been empty talk. Click here to tell President Obama to keep his promise to keep the Internet free.

The situation couldn’t be more urgent. We just heard from a close friend in DC that after the Internet Slowdown Cable company lobbyists descended in droves and have been tag teaming the FCC and members of Congress, making veiled threats and calling net neutrality supporters “extremists.”

Obama keeps saying that the FCC is an independent agency and his hands are tied, but that’s simply not true. Obama has the power to demote Tom Wheeler (the telecom lobbyist that he appointed as the head of the FCC) and promote an FCC commissioner who will actually do their job and stand up to companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon for the public good.

Click here to sign the petition demanding that President Obama do his job and protect net neutrality.

We’ve come so far over the last month but we could still win or lose this fight and every moment counts. Please sign the petition and share with your friends. We’re counting on you.

For the Internet,
-Evan and Holmes
Fight for the Future

P.S. This is the biggest fight of our lives. Bigger than SOPA, CISPA, or any of the bad bills we’ve defeated. Can you help us break the cable lobby’s grip on Congress and the FCC? Please chip in $5 today.