For immediate release: October 27, 2014




Net Neutrality was just called “inevitable” by Communication Daily, the telecom industry trade press for cable insiders.

Click here to take action to demand that the FCC enforce net neutrality!

Less than a year ago, Title II net neutrality was thought to be impossible. But the tides have changed in Washington because of how hard we’ve fought for net neutrality. Now, it’s clear we need to make sure everyone at the FCC has a reason to stand up for the public interest and help save net neutrality for good.

That’s why we’re unveiling a new website that will allow you to call a randomly selected top official at the FCC to demand real Title II net neutrality every day until the they announce their decision.

Take action to demand that the FCC save the open Internet!

Big cable might have the money to send in their lobbyists to strike upon Washington – but we have the entire Internet. If enough dedicated Internet defenders can step up and call as much of the FCC from now until they make their decision, we can win this battle.

We took something that seemed impossible – getting net neutrality from the FCC – and made so much progress that Communication Daily is now calling it “inevitable.” We’ve accomplished the impossible together before – killing SOPA & derailing CISPA. The Internet can do incredible things if we band together and take smart, strategic actions to move the needle. Will you call the FCC with us?

“Yes, I’ll take action and demand that the FCC make real Title II net neutrality a reality.”

We’re so close to protecting the open Internet for generations to come, and it was only possible because of the amazing potential of the Internet as a medium for public action. The other side is spending millions to make sure they can control how the Internet works. To even the battlefield, we need to tell all of the FCC that they still have the chance to be a part of Team Internet and defend Title II net neutrality.

Click here to go use our new action tool to speak out for net neutrality and get more of the FCC on our side right now.

For the Internet,

Kevin and Tiffiniy

Fight for the Future

P.S. Creating organizing tools like these to contact the FCC uses up a lot of resources. Will you chip in $5 (or more!) today to make sure we can keep the pressure on while we have so much momentum?

P.P.S. Because of our work, the deadline for filing comments on Comcast merger has been delayed indefinitely. You can still send the FCC a note to show them that a Comcast takeover is a terrible thing for the Internet. Click here to send your comment to the FCC.