For immediate release: November 26, 2014


Dear Fight for the Future member,

Our country’s spy agencies think they’re above the law. Now, we’ve got a unique chance to leak their dirtiest secrets and hold them accountable. Best of all, it’s perfectly legal.

Click here to ask Senator Mark Udall to read the CIA Torture Report into the Congressional record.

Here’s the story: the Bush-era CIA tortured people. Horrifically, and illegally. The Senate Intelligence committee investigated (getting spied on by the CIA in the process!) and wants to make the report public. But the CIA and the White House are blocking its release.

One Senator on the committee, Mark Udall, lost his reelection bid this year and won’t be returning to the Senate. That’s our loophole: since Udall has nothing to lose, and because members of Congress are immune for anything said in the Congressional record, Udall can leak the report without breaking any law.

But he needs our encouragement: tell Senator Mark Udall to read the CIA Torture Report into the Congressional record.

The public deserves to know what the government has been doing in our name. Here’s our chance to drag one of the government’s biggest secrets into the light. Let’s do this and stop runaway spy agencies like the CIA from thinking they can operate above the law.

Kevin and Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. We know many people are focused today on the events unfolding in Ferguson. We’ve written to you before with our thoughts. We fight for free speech online and off. If you feel called to protest, here’s a list of nationwide demonstrations (not maintained by FFTF). Stay safe. Justice doesn’t always come quickly, but it will come.

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