For immediate release: December 18, 2014


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Dear Fight for the Future member,

“Rectal feeding.” Wrongfully detained prisoners forced to stand on broken legs. Deaths from hypothermia. People missing. By now you’ve surely read the gruesome details from the CIA Torture Report. [1] Incredibly, the only person who is in jail as a result of this illegal program (and coverup) is … the whistleblower who exposed it. [2]

Sign the petition to pardon John Kiriakou, the CIA agent that exposed the torture program.

As a CIA agent, John Kiriakou was ordered to commit inhumane acts of torture, but he refused. [3] He did what all of us would like to think we would do in that situation. Now the government is punishing him for doing the right thing.

In times like these, it’s critical we all stand up and hold our government accountable. We can start by gaining freedom for the person who helped shed light on these crimes. Then we can begin prosecuting the real perpetrators: the politicians who authorized this torture, and the CIA officials who hid it from the Senate and the public.

Click here to sign the petition to free John Kiriakou, the CIA torture report whistle blower.

Anytime the government cracks down on whistleblowers and those who tell the truth, all of our rights are undermined. Let’s stand up for John and stand up for the things we can all believe in: transparency and justice.

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, Kevin, Evan, and Jeff at FFTF

P.S. Here’s the link in plain text, please forward this to all your friends and tweet using #PardonJohn:  

[1] Greg Miller, Adam Goldman and Julie Tate. “Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty”. Washington Post.

[2] Russel Brandom. “The man who did the most to fight CIA torture is still in prison“. The Verge.

[3] Sam Levine. “The One Man Jailed For CIA Torture Tried To Expose It”. Huffington Post.