Put your frustration to good use

Posted January 6, 2015 at 10:02 PM

Dear Fight for the Future member,

You’re going to like this. We just built a new tool in the fight for net neutrality. Check it out!

Have you ever had a super frustrating situation with your Cable company – over your bill, their crappy service, slow connection, or whatever–and gotten upset with the customer service representative on the phone?

Hey, we’ve all been there. But the reality is those underpaid call center employees aren’t the ones to blame for your Cable bill catastrophe or that slow loading pinwheel on the video you want to stream.

Comcast’s top executives and lobbyists are laughing all the way to the bank while they make your Internet slow and keep your Cable bill sky high. Worse, they’re spreading blatant lies about net neutrality and throwing around millions of dollars in campaign contributions to buy off Congress and protect their monopoly power.

These are the people who are to blame. And we found their phone numbers and email addresses. Click here to put all your frustration to good use and tell Comcast to stop lying.

Comcast has millions to spend on lobbying and and they can blanket Washington, DC in misleading ads. The public has a right to call and demand that they stop their campaign of deceit – and every minute that Comcast’s lobbyists spend on the phone with you is a minute they’re not spending trying to kill net neutrality.

Think about it. Now click here to call a Comcast lobbyist!

Thanks team! More soon.
-Jeff at Fight for the Future

P.S. Comcast’s buddies in Congress are trying to pass a shady law called “Title X.” Click here to sign our urgent petition to stop them.