For immediate release: January 14, 2015



For Immediate Release
January 14th, 2015

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Net Neutrality Supporters Launch 535 Websites to Get Congress on the Record plans to light up phones on Capitol Hill to show widespread support for real open Internet protections

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Net Neutrality advocates launched 535 websites, one for each member of Congress, to identify where the officials stand on the open Internet and generate calls in favor of protections.

By visiting users can locate their members’ websites and then contact their senators and representatives to urge support for Net Neutrality.

Each website notes whether that member of Congress is on “Team Internet” (a Net Neutrality supporter), “Team Cable” (a Net Neutrality opponent), or “unknown” (yet to make a statement for or against open Internet rules).

Demand Progress, Fight for the Future and the Free Press Action Fund launched this effort on the anniversary of the federal appeals court decision that struck down the FCC’s Open Internet Order and left Internet users without any protections against online discrimination and blocking.

After a year of public comments, advocacy and activism, the FCC is expected to issue a new Net Neutrality rule that will reclassify broadband Internet access as a Title II service under the Communications Act.

Protecting the rights of Internet users has become a leading political issue in recent years. As a new Congress gets to work in 2015, several members have proposed legislation to address Net Neutrality, but Congress already wrote the law that would protect Internet users.  

The FCC appears ready to restore for broadband the basic consumer protections Congress originally enacted for all two-way communications services. According to organizers of, members of Congress should not interfere with or delay the process unless they are willing to support the FCC’s efforts to preserve these fundamental protections.

“It’s time for members of Congress to either get on the right side of the Net Neutrality issue or get out of the way,” said Free Press Action Fund President and CEO Craig Aaron. “Millions of Americans have spoken out and the FCC is poised to give us the real Net Neutrality rules we need. Congress has already put in place the bipartisan legal framework that would make this a reality. The FCC now just needs to act by reclassifying Internet access under Title II.”

“Too often in Washington, well-heeled lobbyists get their way simply because the rules are too arcane for the average person, or even a member of Congress, to follow. Getting Internet policy right is too important to everyone. We can’t let the Internet’s future be decided by the highest bidder,” said Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal.

“Members of Congress should expect to hear from tens of thousands of constituents in the coming days as Internet users rise up once again in support of strong Net Neutrality rules,” said Fight for the Future Campaign Director Evan Greer. “Brace yourself, Congress. The Internet is coming.”