For immediate release: January 29, 2015


This is it. We have less than one month before the most important FCC vote of our lifetimes.

Click here to join the Internet Countdown for net neutrality.

Remember the Internet Slowdown uprising back in September? Thanks to our activism, we are closer than ever to winning real net neutrality, but a
very wise friend of ours’ in DC said something to me recently that
really stuck:

“It’s a lot easier to get really close to winning than it is to actually win.”

fight for net neutrality is too important, and the stakes are too high
for us to simply come close to winning. The future of the Internet
depends on what we do right now.

today, we’re launching the next phase of the net neutrality fight. One
more epic push. We’re calling for websites and Internet users to unite
and literally count down the seconds until the FCC vote, while driving a
steady drumbeat of phone calls and emails to decision makers in
Washington, DC.

It’s called the Internet Countdown. Click here to get all the details – there are ways for everyone to join!

For the Internet,

Evan Greer, Holmes Wilson, Tiffiniy Cheng, Kevin Huang, Jeff Lyon & Vasjen Katro (aka Fight for the Future)

I published this op-ed in The Hill where I explain why I am 100%
certain we will win this fight for net neutrality in the end. Click here to check it out, and please share!