For immediate release: February 20, 2015


February 18, 2015

Grassroots Securing Net Neutrality: More Than One Million Calls, Emails to Congress & FCC in 2015

The numbers send a clear message in support of an open internet to Congress and FCC in advance of Feb. 26 vote

WASHINGTON, DC – People across the country are taking a strong stand for net neutrality, and
have generated more than one million actions in  just the first seven
weeks of 2015. In large numbers, they are emailing, calling, and signing
petitions to their lawmakers and the FCC. These grassroots actions are
in addition to the four million comments submitted
to the FCC in 2014. The massive show of support stands in stark
contrast to the lobbying and advertising campaigns financed by cable
giants like Comcast and trade associations like NCTA.

diverse coalition of net neutrality supporters— including Color of
Change, CREDO, Daily Kos, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, Free
Press,, and Mozilla—announced the new numbers today and released the following statement:

than one million people have stood up for net neutrality in the last
seven weeks, which shows how deeply engaged the public is with this
issue. The public overwhelmingly
rejects internet fast lanes for the rich and slow lanes for the rest of

should follow the will of the people and stop trying to interfere with
the FCC. Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and NCTA should stop pouring money
into Congress, false
ads and lobbyists in their last ditch attempt to undermine the public

A breakdown of the numbers released on today’s call is below:

TOTAL January 1 – February 18, 2015: 1,023,296

Emails & Petitions to Congress: 716,950

Calls to Congress: 120,710

Emails & Petitions to FCC: 75,834

Emails & Petitions to Others (NCTA, CTIA): 109,802