For immediate release: July 22, 2015


Dear Fight for the Future member,

Pressing news: U.S. Congress is rushing toward a vote on CISA (formerly called CISPA), the worst spying bill yet.1

CISA would give giant Internet companies like Google and Facebook total legal immunity to do almost anything they want with our data. Why? So that the government can pressure these companies to share even more of our personal information with spy agencies like the NSA.2

Congress has tried this before. Four times! Every time we’ve managed to defeat CISA-like legislation at the last minute. This time, though, the prospects are looking grim.

Defense contractors and big banks are pouring money into lobbying and using recent news like the OPM hacks to spread fear and misinformation. Worse, President Obama is signaling that he’ll sign CISA if it ends up on his desk, even though security experts say it will do nothing to prevent cyber attacks.3

Privacy groups have sent millions of emails and tens of thousands of phone calls to DC opposing this but they still aren’t listening. We need to get creative.

So, since Congress seems to be stuck in 1984 and clearly doesn’t understand modern technology, we’re building a robot that can send them thousands upon thousands of… FAXES.

For every $5 that Fight for the Future members contribute, we can send 1,500 faxes to Congress from Internet users explaining why they oppose CISA!

Click here to chip in $5 to bury Congress in faxes.

Congress doesn’t get a whole lot of faxes. If enough people chip in, we can break their all-time record and send Congress more faxes than they’ve ever seen before. Our action tool will make sending a fax as easy as signing a petition — and a lot more powerful. It’s going to be awesome.

The vote is going to be close. But if we go big right now we could stop CISA once and for all.

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help stop CISA!

Next week we’ll be working with tons of groups on a week of action to stop this dangerous bill and our fax-machine-attack-robot will be at the center of it. Our goal is to overwhelm Congress with faxes, but we can only do it if enough people donate.

Click here to chip in whatever you can –– and look out for another email next week when we launch the fax attack to stop CISA in its tracks!

Thanks for all that you do,
-Evan, Tiffiniy, Holmes, Jeff, Vasjen, Charlie, and Jessica
Fight for the Future

P.S. I know you’re good at math, but just in case you were wondering: a $10 donation = 3,000 faxes! $50 = 15,000 faxes! $100 is 30,000 faxes! Can you help? Click here to chip in whatever you can.



[2] Learn more at