For immediate release: August 4, 2015


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I just got off the phone with a colleague in DC and I have bad news. Mitch McConnell has moved the Senate toward a cloture vote on CISA, the bill that puts companies like Facebook above the law and lets them share all your private data with the government and local cops. [1]

Deadline TONIGHT: Click here to take urgent action to stop CISA.

We’ve changed the political landscape in the last week, and more and more media outlets are reporting on the fact that CISA (which stands for Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) won’t stop security breaches like the OPM hacks, and might even make us more vulnerable. [2]

But we need more than 40 Senators to vote “NO” in the next 24 hours or we will almost definitely lose. Time is everything. We simply can’t waste this opportunity to stop CISA or we will regret it for years to come.

Click here to tell Congress that CISA won’t stop cyber attacks. They need to hear from you TODAY.

We have rules that protect people from unreasonable search and seizure for a reason. CISA would invalidate both the Fourth Amendment and every company’s privacy policy in one fell swoop. The stuff the government will gain access to is really scary and personal. Think private emails, and stuff like financial and medical records.

I don’t want my kid to grow up in a world without privacy, because a world without privacy is a world without freedom of thought, a world without progress.

Please join me in taking action today. We’ve made it easy: just click here to contact your lawmakers.

Thanks for all that you do,

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. Remember when we flew a 30 foot blimp over all of Ron Wyden’s town hall meetings to protest his terrible position on the TPP? Well we’re still mad about his corrupted position on that issue, but we’re pragmatic enough to say that EVERYONE should read his op-ed in The Guardian about how CISA means that 12+ government agencies and even local cops could have access to all your private internet data, your medical records, and more. It’s one of the clearest explanations of how this bill works that I’ve read.

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