Want to support Fight for the Future but you can’t make a donation right now?

Posted December 4, 2015 at 7:41 PM

If you’re already buying gifts for friends and family, you can support us through many of your online purchases.  Are you an Amazon shopper?  Bookmark this link for your Amazon purchases and you will support our work at no cost to you.  Shop for games and books at Humble Bundle?  Bookmark this link for their store or search for us in the list of groups at checkout. They donate a portion of their profits to groups like ours.  Are you a seller on eBay?  Click here to donate a portion of your sale.  Looking for ways to protect your privacy? If you buy a VPN from Private Internet Access here, they will donate a portion of their sales to us. Are you in need of great gifts or just looking for some cool merch?  Visit our store to find cat lights, Snowden t-shirts and more.

Hoorah!  Thanks in advance for doing everything you can to fight for an open Internet!