For immediate release: February 22, 2016


Media Advisory For: February 23, 2016

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Protesters will Carry Giant 10-foot iPhone-Shaped Banners Reading “Don’t Break Our Phones.” In Washington, DC, Protesters will Gather at FBI Headquarters

Concerned iPhone users and digital security supporters will gather at Apple stores in more than 40 cities this Tuesday, February 23rd, exactly one week after the Justice Department won a court order that attempts to force Apple to write software that would undermine the safety and security of millions of people.

See a map listing the rallies in more than 40 cities here:

WHAT: Protesters will oppose the DOJ’s  demand carrying giant 10-foot long iPhone banners (see example), and iPhone shaped signs reading “FBI: Don’t Break Our Phones” and “Secure Phones Save Lives.” Participants will also be able to turn their phones, laptops, or tablets into a glowing protest sign using The giant iPhone banners will be on hand in most of the larger cities, but not at every protest.

WHO: The rallies were called for by Fight for the Future and are supported by Demand Progress, CREDO, and other advocacy organizations.

The rallies are being organized in a grassroots manner by individuals who agree to host an event in their town. Fight for the Future then provides those members with banners and support with recruitment. More events are being added all the time, so check back before Tuesday if you don’t see one in your area yet.

WHERE: Rallies are already planned across the U.S. in small cities like Anchorage, Alaska, and major ones including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palo Alto at Apple’s headquarters, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Boston. Supporters outside the U.S. have planned rallies at Apple stores in Hong Kong, London, and Munich. In Washington, DC, protesters will gather at the FBI’s headquarters, the J. Edgar Hoover building.

WHEN: Tuesday, February, 23 at 5:30pm local time

“People are rallying at Apple stores because giving the government easier access to our data, also gives everyone else, including terrorists, thieves and stalkers, easier access to our data–making all of us less safe, not more safe,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future. “The government’s unconstitutional attack on our digital security could put millions of people in danger, so it’s critically important that we support any fight to keep our most sensitive personal, medical, legal and financial information protected.”

“Apple’s stand today will help keep security threats at bay” said David Segal executive director of Demand Progress.  “But we will all be less safe if the FBI succeeds at its politically expedient, but shortsighted, approach.  Our devices will become more vulnerable and the sensitive data they hold will be more accessible to people who want it for malicious purposes.”

This past Wednesday, after Fight for the Future issued the call for rallies at Apple stores, there was so much interest that they decided to organize one in San Francisco that day on just a few hours notice. Dozens of people turned out to protest the FBI’s position. See photos here.

Fight for the Future and Demand Progress staff members are available for interviews ahead of the Tuesday rallies and can connect journalists with the hosts of rallies in specific cities upon request.


Fight for the Future works to defend the Internet as a free and open platform for expression and creativity, and is best known for their role organizing the massive online protests against SOPA, the Internet Slowdown for net neutrality, and the Reset The Net campaign for online privacy, which was endorsed by Edward Snowden.