For immediate release: March 28, 2017


The House of Representatives will vote today on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to gut the FCC’s broadband privacy rules that prevent Internet Service Providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon from selling your personal information – like browsing history and real-time location – to advertisers without your consent.


The rules that could be repealed also prevent ISPs from injecting ads into your web browsing, installing undetectable software on your devices to track your activity, and deploying systems to undermine encryption. When ISPs collect and store this information, they will also be making it available to the Federal government and law enforcement through bulk surveillance programs.

The measure passed the Senate last week, and it was a strict party line vote with 50 members of the GOP voting to gut the rules. Given that many members of the House Freedom Caucus have taken strong previous stands for American’s right to privacy, it’s very important that we make sure they know that voters from across the spectrum want them to oppose this attack on our basic rights. Below are the names, phone numbers, and twitter handles. Please contact them now. The vote could come within hours.

Here’s a sample script of what you can say if you call:

“Hi, I’m calling to ask REP NAME to protect my Internet privacy and vote against the Congressional Review Act bill coming before the House today to gut the FCC’s broadband privacy rules. Please pass my message along to the Representative. Thank you.”

Mark Meadows
(202) 225-6401

Justin Amash
(202) 225-3831

Brian Babin
(202) 225-1555

Joe Barton
(202) 225-2002
@RepJoeBarton ‏

Rod Blum
(202) 225-2911
@RepRodBlum ‏

Dave Brat
(202) 225-2815

Jim Bridenstine
(918) 935-3222

Mo Brooks
(202) 225-4801

Ken Buck
(202) 225-4676

Warren Davidson
(202) 225-6205

Ron DeSantis
(202) 225-2706

Scott DesJarlais
(202) 225-6831

Jeff Duncan
(202) 225-5435

Trent Franks
(202) 225-4576

Tom Garrett Jr.
(202) -225-4711

Louie Gohmert
(202) 225-3035

Paul Gosar
(202) 225-2315

Morgan Griffith
(202) 225-3861

Andy Harris
(202) 225-5311

Jody Hice
(202) 225-4101

Jim Jordan
(202) 225-2676

Raúl Labrador
(202) 225-6611

Alex Mooney
(202) 225-2711

Gary Palmer
(202) 225-4921

Steve Pearce
(202) 225-2365

Scott Perry
(202) 225-5836

Bill Posey
(202) 225-3671

Mark Sanford
(202) 225-3176

David Schweikert
(202) 225-2190

Randy Weber
(202) 225-2831

Ted Yoho