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Prominent YouTube creators with over 165 million collective subscribers describe how slashing Title II protections threatens the Internet economy, innovation, and creativity

July 6, 2017 – A group of 130 prominent online video creators from across the country have expressed serious concerns with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plans to roll back net neutrality protections for Internet users across the country. In an open letter released today, creators warn that if the FCC slashes Title II – the strong legal foundation for U.S. net neutrality protections – the impacts of allowing Internet service providers to block, throttle, and charge fees would be immense for online video creators, many of whose audiences rival traditional media in size.

The letter, organized by the Internet Creators Guild, highlights the skyrocketing popularity in video traffic over the past decade, and warns that any weakening of the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order “…would have an outsized impact on our field and jeopardize our livelihood.” The letter’s signatories, who collectively reach over 165 million people in their audiences, worry that a loss of net neutrality will give Internet service providers (ISPs) new influence over how online creators are able to grow their businesses. They argue that these protections are crucial to maintaining a level playing field. The organizers are encouraging more people to sign on, as names are being added on rolling basis.

Notable signatories include:

1. Hank and John Green of Vlogbrothers, SciShow, and CrashCourse (13 million subscribers)

2. Benny Fine of FineBrothersEntertainment (15 million subscribers)

3. Dane Boedigheimer of Annoying Orange (15 million subscribers)

4. Ned Fulmer of BuzzFeedVideo (12.6 million subscribers)

5. Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth (9 million subscribers)

6. Meg DeAngelis of MayBaby (5.6 million subscribers)

7. Mindy McKnight of CuteGirlHairstyles (5 million subscribers).

8. Sam Gorski of Corridor Digital (4.3 million subscribers)

9. Jon Cozart of Paint (4 million subscribers)

10. Kandee Johnson of Kandee Johnson (3.8 million subscribers)

11. Henry Reich of MinutePhysics (3.8 million subscribers)

12. Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh of Threadbanger (3.7 million subscribers)

13. Andrew Rose Gregory of The Gregory Brothers (3 million subscribers)

14. Julia Gilman of BeautyTakeIn (2.6 million subscribers)

15. Anna Akana of Anna Akana (1.8 million subscribers)

“Strong, enforceable net neutrality protections are essential to ensure leading figures in online video can continue revolutionizing media and to give opportunities for new voices to gain momentum,” said Laura Chernikoff, Executive Director of the Internet Creators Guild. “Otherwise, deep-pocketed media giants who can afford privileged, fast lane access to customers would empowered to drown out the dynamic and growing industry of internet creators.”

The letter also highlights support for net neutrality policies from an overwhelming majority of Americans, and comes just days in advance of a July 12th Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality. Over 50,000 people and thousands of websites have already joined the online protest, including web giants such as Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, OkCupid, Mozilla, Etsy, Kickstarter, Vimeo, and many others.

The signatories plan to leverage their online reach to encourage their audiences and the American to speak out for strong net neutrality protections. The letter states, “We’re in this for the long-haul. We will fight for as long as it takes to convince you and your colleagues to oppose any legislation or regulatory changes that would threaten real, enforceable Title II net neutrality.”

Laura Chernikoff, Executive Director of the Internet Creators Guild, said: “Online creators and the American public have made their position loud and clear: we need real, enforceable net neutrality rules rooted in Title II of the Communications Act. This is the only way to ensure each of us can continue to live in a country where Internet users have an equal shot at reaching people and earning a living on the open web.”

Hank Green, Internet Creators Guild Advisor and creator of Vlogbrothers, SciShow, and CrashCourse said, “So many individuals and corporations have been given such tremendous economic opportunities thanks to a neutral internet. I am one of them, and it hurts to think the opportunities I’ve had might be denied to other people.”

This action is part of the Internet Creators Guild’s efforts to advocate for and support creators. The non-profit organization was created in order to bring internet creators together to make their profession more sustainable.


Laura Chernikoff
Executive Director, Internet Creators Guild