For immediate release: April 17, 2018



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ISPs attempted to kill the bill or water it down in committee, but Internet users organized and flooded Senators with calls. SB 822 now heads to Judiciary Committee next week

Net neutrality supporters secured a victory today in California as the most comprehensive state net neutrality bill in the country cleared a major hurdle toward passage. The Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee moved to advance SB 822 with minor changes, rejecting a slew of amendments backed by telecom lobbyists that would have gutted the intent of the bill and created loopholes for ISP scams and abuses.

The vote is not yet final, as two members were absent, but one was an original co-author of the bill, guaranteeing it has the support it needs to pass the committee. SB 822, which has received massive support from grassroots organizations, small businesses, and more than 50,000 California residents, will now move to a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee this Tuesday.

“Net neutrality is more popular than ever before. People are outraged that the FCC took it away, and they’re fighting to get it back, and now it’s clear that California will be leading the way with the most comprehensive net neutrality bill in the country” said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, “ISPs did everything in their power to try to stop this bill, but even their army of lobbyists was no match for California residents who used the Internet to mobilize. Monopolistic ISPs will undoubtedly continue their crusade to weaken or kill the bill, but Internet users will fight them every step of the way. US Congress should also take note, and pass the CRA resolution to restore strong net neutrality protections for all.”