For immediate release: April 25, 2018


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ISPs attempted to kill the bill or water it down in committee, but Internet users organized and flooded Senators with calls. SB 822 is expected to get a Senate vote at the end of May

Net neutrality supporters secured another victory today in California as the most comprehensive state net neutrality bill in the country cleared another hurdle toward passage. The Senate Judiciary Committee moved to advance SB 822 with minor changes, despite pressure from telecom lobbyists to water down the bill with loopholes for ISPs.

SB 822 has received massive support from grassroots organizations, small businesses, and more than 50,000 California residents, will now move to a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee this Tuesday.

“Internet users in California and around the country are outraged by the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, and that’s why SB822 is moving full steam ahead” said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, “the public is paying attention to the details. They know this is the best bill to restore net neutrality, and that all of its provisions, especially the language on harmful zero rating scams, are critical. The California senate should pass this bill as soon as it comes to a vote.”