For immediate release: July 25, 2018


Contact: Josh Tabish, +1-778-990-1218,

Late Tuesday Rep. Don Young of Alaska issued a statement announcing he will not sign the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution discharge petition to help overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. The announcement comes hours after an Anchorage-based business owner went public with news the Congressman had promised to sign the CRA discharge petition during a one-on-one meeting in late June.

The following statement can be attributed to Sarah Roth Gaudette, Fight for the Future’s Executive Director:

“Congressman Young’s statement this evening is outrageous. I was stunned to see him trot out those tired, old ISP talking points, and unapologetically break his promise to sign the net neutrality CRA – a promise he made to an Alaska business owner that travelled nearly 10,000 miles to speak with him face-to-face in DC. Nothing in his statement justifies breaking his promise, and Alaskan Internet users are going to be furious. It’s clear Congressman Young has been bought and paid for by the country’s ISP lobby. Hell has no fury like an Internet scorned, and we’ll make sure any member of Congress who tries to pull a stunt like this pays the price before the November election.”

Fight for the Future is helping organize an emergency protest outside Congressman Young’s Anchorage office tomorrow at 5pm local time. The group is encouraging Alaska small businesses and Internet users to join tomorrow and call his DC office via