Silicon Valley launches new campaign against real data privacy legislation

Posted September 17, 2019 at 3:11 AM

The Internet Association has launched a new website calling for Congress to pass a Federal data privacy law – but this should be interpreted as part of their continuing campaign to kneecap the California Consumer Protection Act, the strongest data privacy rules in the US. 

Fight for the Future, a digital rights organization with more than 2.4 million members nationwide has been campaigning for real data privacy legislation, issued the following statement, which can be attributed to deputy director Evan Greer (pronouns: she/her): 

“Silicon Valley’s biggest companies know that their business models are fundamentally at odds with user privacy and human rights. That’s why they’ve resorted to misdirection. They’re not calling for meaningful Federal privacy legislation, they’re trying to game the system and get Congress to pass a law that lets them continue harvesting and abusing our sensitive data, and most importantly one that strikes down strong state laws like the one Internet users fought for in California. No one should be fooled by these lobbyists. We need real data privacy protections that guard against discrimination, allow people to sue tech companies that misuse their data, and don’t pre-empt state laws. Learn more at