For immediate release: November 1, 2019



Gamers and human rights activists are organizing a protest outside Blizzard’s annual convention, BlizzCon, today in Anaheim, CA. We’re calling on all gaming companies to stand up for free expression and refuse to act as censors on behalf of ANY government. Details about the protest are here.

If you can’t make it, you can still make your voice heard. Here are the easiest ways to help turn up the pressure on Blizzard and other companies:

  1. Use this handy tool to tweet and email gaming companies en masse and ask them to clarify their position on free expression. You can also tweet at BlizzCon’s sponsors and tell them to pull out. 
  2. Sign the petition at and share it everywhere.
  3. Make noise online. Run a livestream, post a video, flood #BlizzCon2019 and #BlizzCon hashtags with human rights and free expression content. We have some graphics and memes you can use here. 

When Blizzard first made the terrible decision to punish professional gamer Blitzchung for speaking out about the situation in Hong Kong, there was massive online backlash. It’s clearly having an impact, but we can’t let that energy die down or it will send the message that companies can act as government speech police and get away with it. We won’t let that happen. Please do everything you can.