You can stop the government from spying on your Internet activity RIGHT NOW

Posted May 26, 2020, 4:00 PM

Right now, democratic leaders in Congress are deciding whether or not the government will be able to spy on your online activity without a warrant. If you don’t want the government knowing what websites you visit, what YouTube videos you watch, and other sensitive information about your Internet behavior, contact Congress today to demand support for the Lofgren-Davidson amendment.

Fight for the Future has set up a phone number that makes it easy for you to call Congress and speak to the offices of Nancy Pelosi (D–CA), Adam Schiff (D–CA) and your representatives. Just dial 1 (202) 930-8115 and tell these lawmakers: 

“I urge you to support the Lofgren-Davidson privacy amendment to the PATRIOT Act reauthorization bill. Do not kill it. Do not weaken it. The government should never spy on my Internet activity without a warrant.”

All day today, tech companies will be supporting efforts to promote strong privacy protections for Internet users. Companies like Mozilla, Patreon, Twitter, and Reddit have all signed on to an open letter to Congress in support of this powerful amendment to the PATRIOT Act. MTV News is covering the issue on their Instagram page. Tumblr is promoting this initiative as well. 

We’re asking you to take part, too. Simply call 1 (202) 930-8115 to connect with Congress and make your voice heard now!  You can also visit to learn more and find other ways to participate.