Organization that led SOPA Strike and Net Neutrality Protests Joins the Battle for the Future of Crypto

Posted June 23, 2021, 2:37 PM

Fight for the Future has been selected for a match through Gitcoin Grants Round 10, which uses Quadratic Funding to democratize funding for Web 3.0 projects.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, June 23
CONTACT: Sarah Roth-Gaudette,

Fight for the Future—which counts amongst it’s accomplishments the largest online protest in history where over 24 million people and websites were able to defeat the 2012 Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act, and the campaigns that won the strongest net neutrality rules in the world—is joining the battle for the future of decentralized tech including cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.  

In 2020, the group launched, where they helped more than 3,000 people submit comments to FinCEN and the Federal Reserve opposing a rule that would allow warrantless financial surveillance of cryptocurrency transactions. 

"Whether it’s FinCEN calling for increased surveillance or Democractic members of Congress insisting that something must be done about crypto, we need to fight to ensure that misguided regulation doesn’t kill off the potential for these technologies to democratize the Internet, communications and economies," said Sarah Roth-Gaudette, Executive Director. "This is why we’re excited to be part of Gitcoin Grants Round 10", she added. "There’s very little funding for this area of our work from traditional non-profit sources, like foundations, and a lot of education needs to happen even within our grassroots membership. Quadratic funding models, like that employed by Gitcoin, help to democratize funding for important projects and could enable us to bring our signature online activism to the crypto fight."

The group’s project is part of Gitcoin Grant Round 10, which launched June 16th and runs through July 1st.  More here: 

By employing a deep understanding of technology, strategy, and messaging, the group has harnessed the power of the Internet to mobilize people to take effective action on an unprecedented scale and achieved outcomes previously thought impossible, securing public interest protections on issues that are often seen as dry, irrelevant, or unwinnable.