For immediate release: December 21, 2022


This is neat! Our friends at Proton, a privacy-focused company that offers encrypted email, a VPN, and other tools, have included Fight for the Future in their annual “lifetime account” fundraiser raffle. They’re kicking in $100,000 of their own money, and then raffling off ten lifetime accounts. The proceeds will be distributed to non-profits working on privacy and human rights issues, including us!

Check out the fundraiser and buy raffle tickets here!

We’re in good company! Other organizations they’re supporting this year include Privacy International, EPIC, Access Now, Women Who Code, Ranking Digital Rights, and the Tor Project.

You can always also donate to Fight for the Future directly or buy our merch, including the new dystopian Christmas album our director Evan Greer just released.

See you in the new year!
-Fight for the Future