For immediate release: January 31, 2023


We’re so lucky to have friends like the good people at Proton, a privacy-focused company that builds tools, like a VPN and an encrypted email service, that many of us on the team use ourselves.

In December, Proton organized a raffle for one of 10 Lifetime accounts to benefit groups working on digital and human rights issues, including us! We’re so excited to announce we received $109,854 from this effort, a combination of raffle earnings and Proton’s own contribution.

As a small organization with a modest budget, Proton’s fundraising is huge for us. It’ll fuel our 2023 campaigns and enable us to get really creative with our out-of-the-box organizing—no airplane banner too high. Here are some of our top priorities for the coming year:

  • Digital privacy: In 2022, we helped drive 100,000+ comments to the FTC advocating for stronger digital privacy protections. With Proton’s support, we’ll be able to push even harder for rulemaking that protects our personal data and limits data discrimination and surveillance.  
  • A fairer digital economy: We organized an unprecedented number of organizations, companies, and people in support of antitrust laws that would break up Big Tech’s monopoly power. We face a tougher legislative environment this year, but we’ll continue to work with lawmakers and mobilize the general public to refocus Big Tech regulatory efforts on surveillance capitalism and monopoly abuse.
  • Online free expression: With the new Congress in session, we’re anticipating a flood of proposals to amend or repeal Section 230, all of which would result in unprecedented government control over what we can say and type. Luckily, we know grassroots power really works to stop these misguided attacks on free expression—and we’ll be able to multiply our organizing thanks to Proton’s support.