For immediate release: May 1, 2023

Anna Bonesteel


Senator Ron Wyden will join human rights and LGBTQ+ advocates in opposing KOSA, the EARN IT Act, the STOP CSAM Act, and the RESTRICT Act.

This week, lawmakers are expected to reintroduce the controversial Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), and hold hearings on the dangerous EARN IT Act and newly introduced STOP CSAM Act. Unfortunately, all three bills have many of the same problems. 

A group of human rights, LGBTQ, and civil liberties experts will hold a virtual press conference this Wednesday, May 3rd opposing these dangerous proposals and calling for thoughtful, reality-based legislation to protect young people and address Big Tech’s harms. Experts will also specifically explain why the changes made to KOSA do not address the concerns raised around LGBTQ safety and free expression.

Members of the press can RSVP to to receive an event invitation. We will also provide a recording and summary after the event.

WHAT: Virtual press conference opposing KOSA, EARN IT, STOP CSAM, and RESTRICT

WHEN: Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 12:15pm EST on Zoom

WHO: Participants include:

  • Senator Ron Wyden (he/him, D-OR)
  • Evan Greer (she/they, Director of Fight for the Future)
  • Cody Venzke (he/him, ACLU)
  • Ricci Joy Levy (she/her, Woodhull Freedom Foundation)
  • Kate D’Adamo (she/they, Reframe Health and Justice)
  • Jeanne Woodbury (she/her, Equality Arizona)
  • India McKinney (she/her, Electronic Frontier Foundation)