For immediate release: October 29, 2014


Dear Fight for the Future member,

There’s good news. We can win net neutrality for good, but to do that we need one of the biggest companies on the web to come out for it.  

Google likes to be known as a leader of open Internet principles, but their silence has been deadly in the fight for net neutrality. If they want to keep being leaders, they need to come out with strong support for real net neutrality and Title II.

Click here to tell Google they shouldn’t stay silent during the most important battle that the Internet has ever faced.

Love ‘em or hate ’em, the name Google is synonymous with power when it comes to tech policy in DC, and where they stand on net neutrality matters. It matters a lot. We’ve heard from lots of allies in Washington that one of the biggest forces working against the net neutrality movement – despite its overwhelming public support – is Google’s silence.

Don’t let Google stay silent about the open Internet. Sign the petition to Google execs now.

Google needs to hear that internet users– and their own employees– care about net neutrality and are watching to see which side Google is on. The looming threat to net neutrality brought on by the cable and telecom companies is the biggest threat the internet, and all the good it can bring to the world, has ever faced.

Everything you do for net neutrality will matter. One small click to get Google supportive of real net neutrality could mean a big win soon. We mean that.

Sign the petition to Google execs now.

Thank you for everything you’re doing!

Fight for the Future