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BREAKING: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning faces possible *indefinite solitary confinement*… for an expired tube of toothpaste?

Posted 15:26 EDT on August 12, 2015

Fight for the Future has learned that WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who exposed some of the U.S. government’s worst abuses, is now being unfairly punished in prison and threatened with indefinite solitary confinement, for four minor “charges”, including possession of magazines like the Vanity Fair issue with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover, and having an expired tube of toothpaste. 

Click here to stop the U.S. government from torturing Chelsea Manning with indefinite solitary confinement. 

This story only gets worse when you read the whole thing. Click above and then share this to spread the word about this outrageous injustice. 

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Real talk about the TPP

Posted 12:57 EDT on August 8, 2015

This email is straight from the heart, so I apologize in advance if it’s too brutally honest. I hope you’ll read the whole thing, though, because the fight to stop the TPP affects all of us.

But, if you’ve only got a second, please click here to chip in $5 to help us fight the TPP.

With love from the Internet,
~ Evan

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Here’s the deal: last month, Congress passed “Fast Track” for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

That means the TPP is now just one vote away from becoming law.

When Fast Track passed, it was heartbreaking. Over the last two years Fight for the Future built a totally unprecedented coalition of advocacy groups, tech companies, and activists fighting Fast Track, and together we were able to successfully defeat or delay Fast Track FIVE TIMES.

But in the end, pressure from the White House and an army of entrenched industry lobbyists was too much for Congress to resist, despite the overwhelming public outcry.

Now, we have a choice. We can just give up, and accept that democracy is over and the TPP is inevitable, or we can take matters into our own hands.

Here at Fight for the Future, we don’t believe in giving up.

If you’re the same way and want to fight the TPP to the end, click here to chip in $5 to help us stop it.

I can speak for myself and say that I personally can’t sleep at night unless I know I’m doing everything in my power to protect our most basic rights online and off.

Together, we have fought against insurmountable odds before and won — we killed SOPA, stopped CISPA, and just this year we won Net Neutrality. Now, we’re planning to win big again. We don’t care what the DC pundits say – we are going to stop the TPP. But we can’t do it alone.

Just last week, representatives from all 13 of the nations involved in the TPP met in Hawaii to finalize the deal — and they couldn’t do it. The sticking point? The intellectual property rights chapter where copyright and all of the worst provisions for the Internet are housed.

That means if anyone can stop the TPP, it’s us. But, to be frank, we are dangerously low on funds to continue fighting the TPP, and we need to do more than just continue. If we’re going to win, we need to take it to the next level.

Can you chip in to help make sure we have the resources to keep fighting and win?

Click here to chip in $5 to take on the TPP!

In emails like this, it’s common for groups to spread either doom and gloom or unsubstantiated optimism. I have neither of those for you today, just real talk.

The TPP is bad. Really bad. It’s arguably one of the worst things that could happen to the Internet, to our economy, and to the planet.

I can’t promise that we’re going to stop it. But I can promise that if we don’t try, it will certainly pass.

Can you chip in $5 to help us keep up the fight?

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help stop the TPP.

We plan to fight until the last breath, and we’re honored to have you fighting alongside us.

For the Internet,
-Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Whether we win or lose on the TPP, the battle for the future of the Internet will rage on. To win these fights in the long run, we need to have consistent, ongoing support from people like you. The best way to do that is to chip in a small amount every single month. Click here to give $5 every month to keep us fighting.

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Senate fails to advance CISA before recess amid rising grassroots opposition

Posted 16:45 EDT on August 5, 2015

Privacy & free speech groups plan turn #FaxBigBrother on large Web companies after generating 6 million+ faxes to Senate, plus tens of thousands of phone calls and tweets ahead of expected CISA vote


WASHINGTON, DC––Today, the Senate delayed until after August recess an expected cloture vote to begin debate of CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, a bill that experts say will actually make the U.S. more vulnerable to cyber attacks, while dramatically expanding the government’s unpopular mass surveillance capabilities.

Following reports of the delay, Fight for the Future the group responsible for flooding Congress with more than 6 million faxes as part of Operation: #FaxBig Brother, announced they would be turning their viral campaign on large web companies who have been largely silent on the issue despite previous claims that they would fight in Congress for their customers privacy. Corporate offices of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other large companies can expect to start receiving a massive volume of faxes in the coming days.

Senate leadership had intended to move CISA to a cloture vote this afternoon, but failed to strike a deal as more and more members raised concerns with the bill in the wake of two weeks of intense grassroots action that flooded Senate offices with more than 6.2 million faxes in addition to tens of thousands of emails, phone calls, and tweets.

Most of the action came through a viral web page launched by Fight for the Future with a broad coalition of privacy and civil liberties groups. The campaign spread quickly on social media and was covered by The Guardian, TIME Magazine, CBS News, The Hill, Politico, and NPR’s All Things Considered. The six million faxes were also mentioned several times on the Senate floor by Senator Ron Wyden, a leading opponent of CISA.

To hammer home the scope of the opposition, Fight for the Future tweeted an image showing that 6 million faxes, if printed out, would stand more than 4 times as tall as the Washington Monument.

“Today’s delay is good news, but Internet users are outraged that Congress is even considering this dangerous and unpopular legislation, and even more outraged at the Web companies who stand to benefit financially from CISA’s sweeping legal immunity who have remained silent, putting all of their users’ privacy at risk,” said Evan Greer, Fight for the Future’s campaign director.

“Internet users are losing trust in the websites they use, and bills like CISA are a perfect example of why,” said Fight for the Future co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng. “As the Senate debates CISA, any technology company that doesn’t stand by their own privacy policy and refuse to be an informant for the government’s suspicionless spying programs will see their users abandon them. If CISA passes, these companies will be seen as spies for the NSA, greatly expanding the government’s watch lists and wrongful targeting of more and more Internet users. That will be the beginning of a giant backlash against those who once stood for the open Internet.”


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I don’t want my kid to grow up in a world without privacy

Posted 13:23 EDT on August 4, 2015

Here’s the email our campaign director Evan Greer just sent to our 1.2 million members. Sign up to get these updates by taking action at


I just got off the phone with a colleague in DC and I have bad news. Mitch McConnell has moved the Senate toward a cloture vote on CISA, the bill that puts companies like Facebook above the law and lets them share all your private data with the government and local cops. [1]

Deadline TONIGHT: Click here to take urgent action to stop CISA.

We’ve changed the political landscape in the last week, and more and more media outlets are reporting on the fact that CISA (which stands for Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) won’t stop security breaches like the OPM hacks, and might even make us more vulnerable. [2]

But we need more than 40 Senators to vote “NO” in the next 24 hours or we will almost definitely lose. Time is everything. We simply can’t waste this opportunity to stop CISA or we will regret it for years to come.

Click here to tell Congress that CISA won’t stop cyber attacks. They need to hear from you TODAY.

We have rules that protect people from unreasonable search and seizure for a reason. CISA would invalidate both the Fourth Amendment and every company’s privacy policy in one fell swoop. The stuff the government will gain access to is really scary and personal. Think private emails, and stuff like financial and medical records.

I don’t want my kid to grow up in a world without privacy, because a world without privacy is a world without freedom of thought, a world without progress.

Please join me in taking action today. We’ve made it easy: just click here to contact your lawmakers.

Thanks for all that you do,

-Evan at FFTF

P.S. Remember when we flew a 30 foot blimp over all of Ron Wyden’s town hall meetings to protest his terrible position on the TPP? Well we’re still mad about his corrupted position on that issue, but we’re pragmatic enough to say that EVERYONE should read his op-ed in The Guardian about how CISA means that 12+ government agencies and even local cops could have access to all your private internet data, your medical records, and more. It’s one of the clearest explanations of how this bill works that I’ve read.

[1] The Hill:

[2] The Hill:

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Fight for the Future statement on introduction of CISA cyber surveillance bill

Posted 09:13 EDT on August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015

Media contact:
Evan Greer, 978-852-6457

Yesterday evening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignored overwhelming public outcry against the government’s out of control spying programs and poor digital security and moved to advance debate on CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.

CISA is a surveillance bill masquerading as a “cybersecurity” bill. The world’s cybersecurity experts agree that CISA fails to even address the problem it claims to solve. It would do nothing to prevent high profile cyber attacks like the OPM hacks. In fact, by centralizing critical data amongst Federal agencies that have a proven track record of poor digital hygeine, CISA will make the United States even less safe from cyber attacks, while dramatically expanding the government’s unpopular mass surveillance capabilities.

Last week, Fight for the Future and a coalition of more than a dozen advocacy groups launched the campaign Operation: #FaxBigBrother, to give Internet users a voice against CISA. The website and the hashtag #FaxBigBrother quickly went viral generating more than 6.2 million faxes to Senate offices in a matter of days.

The following statement can be attributed to Fight for the Future campaign director, Evan Greer:

“Congress has a penchant for pissing off the Internet, but they’ve really done it this time. Internet users are outraged that Mitch McConnell is rushing the Senate toward a bill that dramatically expands the government’s surveillance powers while making our networks even more vulnerable to the types of cyber attacks the government claims it’s trying to stop.

If we give Congress the benefit of the doubt that they’re pushing this fundamentally flawed bill out of ignorance rather than malice or corruption, their logic in pushing CISA as a solution to high profile cyber breaches like the OPM hacks is something like this: “Darn, we keep getting robbed. Let’s put a surveillance camera in the bathroom and keep leaving the front door unlocked.”

The manager’s amendment proposed does nothing to address the fundamentally flawed logic behind CISA. It’s clearly intended to appease privacy concerns with surface level changes while keeping keeping the most egregious parts of CISA intact.

Congress may be stuck in 1984, but Internet users won’t be fooled. There are already more than 6 million faxes on their way to Senate fax machines. Congress should expect the public outcry to grow ten fold if they move to a vote this week without proper debate and discussion about this extremely unpopular legislation.”

Fight for the Future plans to escalate its activism against CISA in the coming days and encourages all Senators and Representatives who truly support the Constitution to oppose this dangerous and misguided legislation.


Fight for the Future is a digital rights group best known for organizing massive online protests against SOPA and for net neutrality. They were also behind Reset the Net, the largest online campaign against mass surveillance, which was endorsed by Edward Snowden and thousands of tech companies. Learn more at or on Twitter at @fightfortheftr

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