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Net neutrality activists who organized the Internet Slowdown protest announce next campaign: the Internet Countdown

Posted 11:00 EST on January 26, 2015


January 26, 2015

Contact: Evan Greer, Fight for the Future
Phone: 978-852-6457


Net neutrality activists who organized the Internet Slowdown protest announce next campaign: the Internet Countdown, starting today

Coalition behind call for websites and Internet users to join sustained “countdown” protest until FCC vote on February 26th

Exactly one month before the FCC’s presumed vote on Title II net neutrality rules, the digital rights groups behind the September 10th Internet Slowdown protest announced a new campaign today: the Internet Countdown.

See the campaign landing page here:

The Internet Countdown is a sustained effort where websites will display a countdown timer that literally counts down the seconds to the FCC vote on February 26th, and allows visitors to click to take action at in support of full net neutrality through Title II reclassification.

The details of the protest were unveiled this morning, and the organizers plan to announce participants in a rolling fashion as they join the Internet Countdown effort. The first site to join after the announcement this morning was Daily Kos, which, with more than 8 million unique monthly visitors, is one of the largest progressive news sites on the web.

The Internet Countdown is being organized by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Free Press, supported by the many of the groups involved with

In September, the same groups organized the Internet Slowdown, an internet-wide uprising in support of Title II net neutrality that involved more than 40,000 websites including many of the largest on the web. The protest successfully drove more than 770,000 comments to the FCC and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to Congress in a single day.

“We are closer than ever to winning real net neutrality protections that will keep the Web open for generations to come, and the Internet is literally counting down the seconds,” said Fight for the Future Campaign Director Evan Greer, “We call on Internet users, cat video posters, music bloggers, youtube karaoke stars, and major websites to unite for one more epic push to make sure that the FCC does the right thing and that corrupt members Congress can’t derail the process.”

“This is it: All hands on deck for the open Internet,” said Demand Progress Executive Director David Segal.The ISPs are among the most hated companies in America, but they’re still loved by the politicians whose campaigns they back.  We know that they won’t relent in their opposition to net neutrality, and so we cannot relent in our active support for the cause, even as we feel optimistic about our chances.”

“Strong net neutrality protections are essential to the survival of Daily Kos and all independent media outlets. Without net neutrality, ISPs would be free to stifle or elevate voices based on their own corporate interests,” said Rachel Colyer, Senior Campaign Director at Daily Kos.”This is why we are part of the Internet Countdown—the FCC must do the right thing. We encourage our community to participate in the Democratic process by showing solidarity for strong net neutrality rules written at the FCC and based on Title II authority.”

“After close to a decade of fighting to save the Internet, we’re closer than ever to finally securing real Net Neutrality,” said Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron. “Millions of people have called on Congress and the FCC to put the public need for an open Internet before the demands of Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. Because of the passion and commitment of Internet users, the FCC seems poised to make new policies that will protect the public. But the industry lobbyists haven’t given up yet. And that’s why we must keep up the pressure in these crucial few weeks before a final vote.”

Websites and Internet users can learn more about how to participate in the Internet Countdown at


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Net neutrality activists drive more than 15,000 phone calls to Congress during hearings: call for Title II reclassification, reject Thune-Upton proposal

Posted 14:05 EST on January 21, 2015

UPDATE Jan 22 11:00am: Final tally for phone calls to Congress in response to yesterday’s net neutrality hearings was more than 15,000. We averaged more than 1,500 calls per hour throughout the day.


January 22, 2015

Media contact:
Evan Greer, 978-852-6457

Net neutrality activists drive thousands of phone calls to Congress during hearings: call for Title II reclassification, reject Thune-Upton proposal

WASHINGTON, DC – Today as of 11:00am EST, the grassroots activists behind have driven more than 15,000 phone calls to Congress, bombarding the Hill during House and Senate committee hearings to demand that Congress members allow the FCC to use their authority to enforce Title II net neutrality and reject the Thune-Upton Internet proposal. The page is currently still under heavy traffic, with thousands more phone calls expected in the coming hours. has been a centerpiece of the net neutrality movement since it served as the landing page for the Sept 10th Internet Slowdown protest. Today, the homepage featured an embedded livestream of the House and Senate hearings, with a click-to-call tool targeting the members the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee and the Senate Commerce Committee. Over the course of the day net neutrality supporters sent an average of 1,500 phone calls per hour to the House and Senate.

“The Internet’s response today was swift and overwhelming,” said Fight for the Future’s Campaign Director Evan Greer “As soon as we put the word out about the hearings in Congress, we were instantly inundated with traffic from thousands of people calling their lawmakers to say that net neutrality is not a partisan issue, and Congress should stay out of the way of real net neutrality protections through full Title II reclassification.”

David Segal, executive director of Demand Progress, added, “The public understands that this legislative effort is a cynical sham, put forth by people and organizations that have repeatedly made it clear that they’re shills for the big ISPs.  It’s simple: if you support net neutrality, then you’ll oppose the Thune-Upton proposal, and will let the FCC do its job.  Committee members will hear from tens of thousands of Americans this week, who will drive that point home.”

Battle for the Net is supported by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, Free Press, and dozens of other advocacy groups and tech companies who support strong net neutrality protections through Title II reclassification.


Fight for the Future works to excite the Internet to fight for the public good, our basic rights and freedoms. Founded in 2011, the NGO is known for effective, viral organizing and mass engagement through the distributed organizing platforms we’ve built, including the SOPA protests in the winter of 2011-2012 and the Internet Defense League. For more information, visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Urgent! Congress is moving to kill net neutrality right now

Posted 12:08 EST on January 21, 2015

We’ll keep this brief. Comcast is in attack mode, right now. We need you to fight back.

Team Cable’s allies in Congress are advancing two bills that would overrule the FCC and kill our dream for real net neutrality [1]. Hearings are happening TODAY, at this very moment.

Click here to call the committee members, right now and tell them to stop standing in the way of real net neutrality. We need *everyone* to do this.

This was Comcast’s big play all along: if they lose the FCC, get Congress to do the dirty work. Now it’s happening. There are two fake net neutrality bills in motion that wouldn’t stop cable companies from discriminating against certain sites, but would block the FCC from enforcing real rules.

Hearings run all day. The House hearings start at 10am, and the Senate at 2pm.

How awesome would it be if while they’re at these bogus hearings, they get panicked texts from staff about the HUGE number of pro-net neutrality calls? That’s what we’re shooting for. Can you call now?

Also, since there’s really a lot of calls to make, we’re trying something special. if you call all 10 targets, the 11th call goes to my personal cell phone, where I’ll thank you personally.

Will you do it? If so, talk to you soon! :)

Holmes Wilson (and the entire team)
Fight for the Future

P.S. If you’re interested, we’re live streaming the hearings at all day. Watch them, and dig in on Twitter.



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PRESS RELEASE: Internet freedom activists unfurl banner at Senator Ron Wyden town all event: "Don’t Betray the Internet! No Fast Track for the TPP!"

Posted 17:40 EST on January 17, 2015

January 17, 2015

Media contact: Evan Greer
Phone: 978-852-6457


Internet freedom activists unfurl banner in front of Senator Ron Wyden at town hall event: “Don’t Betray the Internet! No Fast Track for the TPP!”

Grants Pass, OR– Today, activists working in coordination with digital rights group Fight for the Future briefly disrupted a town hall meeting hosted by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden when they unfurled a banner behind the Senator reading, “Senator Wyden: Don’t Betray the Internet! No Fast Track for the TPP!”

Click here to see photos of the action:

The activists are joining tens of thousands of voices who have called upon Senator Wyden to oppose outdated and undemocratic “Fast Track” legislation, also known as “Trade Promotion Authority,” as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive, secretive trade deal that has been condemned by advocacy organizations from across the political spectrum.

“Senator Wyden has long been considered a champion of Internet freedom, which is why it’s unthinkable that he’s pushing for outdated Fast Track legislation, which could have dire consequences for the future of the free and open web,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future. “Senator Wyden now has a choice: he can be remembered as the hero who stuck to his principles and defended the Internet, or as the traitor who allowed DC politics and corporate interests to poison the web with censorship.”

While activists on the ground in Oregon brought their message directly to Senator Wyden, thousands more took action online, tweeting, calling, and emailing the Senator to ask him to oppose Fast Track legislation and stand up for the free and open Internet.

Previously, Fight for the Future, Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, and other groups sent Senator Wyden thousands of floppy discs as part of a campaign calling for him to oppose Fast Track legislation. The Senator also received an open letter signed by more than 25 tech companies, asking him to oppose such legislation.


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