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Google’s Silence

Posted 16:16 EDT on October 29, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

There’s good news. We can win net neutrality for good, but to do that we need one of the biggest companies on the web to come out for it.  

Google likes to be known as a leader of open Internet principles, but their silence has been deadly in the fight for net neutrality. If they want to keep being leaders, they need to come out with strong support for real net neutrality and Title II.

Click here to tell Google they shouldn’t stay silent during the most important battle that the Internet has ever faced.

Love ‘em or hate 'em, the name Google is synonymous with power when it comes to tech policy in DC, and where they stand on net neutrality matters. It matters a lot. We’ve heard from lots of allies in Washington that one of the biggest forces working against the net neutrality movement – despite its overwhelming public support – is Google’s silence.

Don’t let Google stay silent about the open Internet. Sign the petition to Google execs now.

Google needs to hear that internet users– and their own employees– care about net neutrality and are watching to see which side Google is on. The looming threat to net neutrality brought on by the cable and telecom companies is the biggest threat the internet, and all the good it can bring to the world, has ever faced.

Everything you do for net neutrality will matter. One small click to get Google supportive of real net neutrality could mean a big win soon. We mean that.

Sign the petition to Google execs now.

Thank you for everything you’re doing!

Fight for the Future

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*Everyone* at the FCC

Posted 13:40 EDT on October 27, 2014



Net Neutrality was just called “inevitable” by Communication Daily, the telecom industry trade press for cable insiders.

Click here to take action to demand that the FCC enforce net neutrality!

Less than a year ago, Title II net neutrality was thought to be impossible. But the tides have changed in Washington because of how hard we’ve fought for net neutrality. Now, it’s clear we need to make sure everyone at the FCC has a reason to stand up for the public interest and help save net neutrality for good.

That’s why we’re unveiling a new website that will allow you to call a randomly selected top official at the FCC to demand real Title II net neutrality every day until the they announce their decision.

Take action to demand that the FCC save the open Internet!

Big cable might have the money to send in their lobbyists to strike upon Washington - but we have the entire Internet. If enough dedicated Internet defenders can step up and call as much of the FCC from now until they make their decision, we can win this battle.

We took something that seemed impossible – getting net neutrality from the FCC – and made so much progress that Communication Daily is now calling it “inevitable.” We’ve accomplished the impossible together before – killing SOPA & derailing CISPA. The Internet can do incredible things if we band together and take smart, strategic actions to move the needle. Will you call the FCC with us?

“Yes, I’ll take action and demand that the FCC make real Title II net neutrality a reality.”

We’re so close to protecting the open Internet for generations to come, and it was only possible because of the amazing potential of the Internet as a medium for public action. The other side is spending millions to make sure they can control how the Internet works. To even the battlefield, we need to tell all of the FCC that they still have the chance to be a part of Team Internet and defend Title II net neutrality.

Click here to go use our new action tool to speak out for net neutrality and get more of the FCC on our side right now.

For the Internet,

Kevin and Tiffiniy

Fight for the Future

P.S. Creating organizing tools like these to contact the FCC uses up a lot of resources. Will you chip in $5 (or more!) today to make sure we can keep the pressure on while we have so much momentum?

P.P.S. Because of our work, the deadline for filing comments on Comcast merger has been delayed indefinitely. You can still send the FCC a note to show them that a Comcast takeover is a terrible thing for the Internet. Click here to send your comment to the FCC.

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Stop Comcast

Posted 14:35 EDT on October 14, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Thousands of people have already taken action to demand that the FCC block the Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable. The calls and signatures are coming in every minute!

The deadline for public comment is on October 29th, so it’s critical that we spread the word about the Comcast takeover before we run out of time. We need to get to 100,000 comments so we can get the attention of Comcast and the FCC commissioners. If everyone who signed the petition also shares this image to spread the word, we’ll have so much power that FCC and Comcast won’t be able to ignore us.

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P.S. If you haven’t submitted your comment to the FCC yet, you can still do that by clicking here.


Kevin Huang

Fight for the Future

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Facebook apologizes for unethical emotional manipulation experiment

Posted 13:41 EDT on October 7, 2014


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Over the summer, more than 140,000 Fight for the Future members signed petitions calling out Facebook for abusing their users data. We’ve just seen the first signs that our advocacy is having an impact.

On Thursday, October 2nd, Facebook officially apologized for the unethical emotional manipulation experiment that they conducted on more than 600,000 users without their knowledge or consent.

Check out this article in The Verge about Facebook’s apology:

We’re committed to fighting year round to protect your right to freedom, choice, and privacy online.

Want to support this critical work? Please donate $5 (or more) today!

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Stop Comcast’s plan to dominate the Internet

Posted 16:06 EDT on October 2, 2014

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Urgent: there are just a few days left to stop Comcast from taking over Time Warner Cable and controlling most of the Internet. Click here to take action now.

This one really requires no explanation. The most hated company in the US is trying to take over the second most hated company in the US, in a move that would raise our cable and Internet bills, stifle online free speech, and make them one of the most powerful lobbies in history. [1]

This merger is bad for EVERYONE, and there is tons of opposition, even from within the FCC. We have a real chance at stopping this but we have to act quickly. [2]

The deadline is next week! Click here to stop Comcast in its tracks.

Comcast is already the largest and most powerful opponent of net neutrality, online privacy, and Internet freedom. They’ve been caught several times abusing their “gatekeeper” power as an Internet provider to further their own interests. [3] If the FCC lets Comcast forcibly absorb Time Warner Cable – the second largest Internet provider in the U.S. – they will control access to information in nearly 6 of 10 people’s homes (more if you’re only counting truly high speed Internet). [4]

Millions of you have sent comments to the FCC in support of net neutrality. We’re asking for your help again because if this merger goes through, Comcast gets even more powerful – in the marketplace, online, and in Washington, DC. If we don’t stop this takeover right now, we’ll be fighting an uphill battle on net neutrality and online free speech for years to come.

Will you sign? Click here to submit a comment opposing the Comcast merger.

After you sign, please forward this email to everyone you know and share the petition on social media.

Here’s the link one last time:

Thanks for all that you do,
-Tiffiniy Cheng
Fight for the Future


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  2. Brendan Sasso. “FCC Chief: Cable Companies Are Wrong About Internet Competition”. National Journal.

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